1st Correspondence with Peter

One way that help me to understand the process how I come to write this book and the web-site, is to go through the correspondence that I have exchanged with Peter. The first e-mail is dated on 13th July 2021, up till recently just before Christmas where I have finally came to understand I need to revisit all that I have done in the past few months, not so much regarding the property or the Petition itself, but the connection with my ‘I Am’ Presence, hence with my God Self.  And through this correspondence, I guess it can also send out a positive message to the others that, there is no such thing as failure or perfection, we come to understand our Higher Selves through a serious of trials. The day we shake hands with our ‘I Am’ Presence, then we are ready, just about almost everything.

First emails July

13-07-2021 Dear Peter,

Greeting dear Peter and Sue. I am Akata Sun Light from the current 2-14 Rules study.

I have a vision about 4 months ago (before my spiritual awakening) that I will organize a place for Children with other like minds people.  This place is in Italy, may be that is the reason why being a HongKonger, after staying in Australia for 5 years, I ended up in Italy!!!

I call myself Sun Light, because this place has a name: Borgo al Sole (Sun Village). I stop here, it is very hard for me to accept what I see in my Mind Eyes. 

17-07-2021 Dear Peter, 

Jeannette has checked the position, and she has been to this area, very closed to this place:

Here is the latitude and longitude.  Right on the dime.

San Casciano in Val di Pesa/Coordinates

43.6421° N, 11.1844° E


43.7711° N, 11.2486° E

Other than the exact location, it seems very closed to 44 North, but I don’t know if it is closed enough???

I have some doubt/unease regarding how I will get to use this property. Please allow me to explain in details.

This property was brought by my Father in-law some 10 years ago. He has this project to turn it into Multi Condo and apartments. Some works has been done to keep the buildings safe, the Old Farm House is already divided into small apartments. While not much has been done to the Villa and Farm Barn, because my in law still waiting for the local council approval, and trying to sell the whole lot. In ten years, I have only been there once by chance.

4 months ago, out of curiosity (!!!) I asked my husband to take me there, just to have a look. I didn’t understand the reason then. Few days later, I was just waking up, still in bed, this vision came to my mind, that this place filled with Children, and many like minded people in taking care of them. 

Now I understand it is God’s vision, and somehow I was being lead to EGA. I was not spiritual in any ways, and I didn’t understand what was all these Rules Study at all when I first signed up. I KNEW this vision was for the Children, I THOUGHT it was for Children from Human Trafficking (it has always been my concerned since 2019 Hong Kong Protest), but I am not so sure any longer. 

My uneasiness is how I will get this property. I kind of know how ………. through Blood and Tears.

All my family, in-laws, husband, and older daughter all have the vaccine. All my words gone ashtray….

If it is true what the side effect of this vaccine, I am afraid in not so many years, I will not have a family any more. Only my younger son is not getting it, so hopefully, he is safe.

Just yesterday morning, God has given me a possible solution during my morning meditation. I was being shown, SOMEONE can buy this property from my in-law, it is for sale…. then what can be better than the EGA. So at the end of my meditation, I have taken the the suggestion by Michael

Another perspective for the abundance – for the considerations of all reading here – rather than to place a dollar amount in mind, this may limit supply which is to flow from ‘source’;  A statement read daily by all within the Ashram – such as but not limited to these words – the point being that all are putting into the Forcefield.. “I call my Might I Am Presence to manifest the limitless Release of the money supply required for the work of the  Elemental Grace Alliance.”  this will flows with the energies, no restrictions of limitations.

asking out Beloved Father and Mother grand us this possibility. Is this my Ego in thinking this? 

Dear Peter, it is just so very difficult for me to accept what I am seeing in the last few months in my mind… So many images that I have no idea, past lives, angels…. I didn’t even believe in God/Church, dear me.

Once I have very net sensation, a little girl was hugging me from behind, and I was sitting in the garden in THAT place!

I send you the computerized photos of this place, from the project of multi Condo. The environment is accurate. We are surrounded by vinery and olive trees.

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