New energies in new moon in Aries 21st March 2023

Sun and Moon at zero 0’ degree of Aries, with Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron. First day of astrological new year together with Spring Equinox, highly creative, super charge, perfect for setting things up, bringing fresh energy in your life. Best time to take action. Aries as a cardinal Fire sign, encourage us to take initiative,Continue reading “New energies in new moon in Aries 21st March 2023”

Venus in Taurus 16th March – ARE YOU IN LOVE?

Venus in Taurus 16th March – 11th April – ARE YOU IN LOVE? Venus moved into Taurus on 16th March and stays until 11th  April. Venus is the planet of fun, hope, pleasure. The planet of love, touch, joining Taurus with the luscious creativity in earthy energy. Taurus as a Fixed sign, providing the safetyContinue reading “Venus in Taurus 16th March – ARE YOU IN LOVE?”

The Map of Love

I heard the wind whispering, sweet Mother sounds so smoothing, Let me hold you within my arms, little desert flower! Dreaming I was forever running, being chased by invisible Being! Locked myself inside a house, no one should dare to open this flood gate! Till I heard the whispering sound again… Someone is calling outContinue reading “The Map of Love”

What’s more can be taken away!

Down on my knees, seeing everything being stripped away! Like an onion peeled down to its core, So transparent, vanish without a  trace. Back to the tiny cell where I came from, So ultimately along, so weightless, I hold myself tight, to keep away darkness inside. Dancing in the Void until the next moment comes.Continue reading “What’s more can be taken away!”

The Key

From Mother and Father, We gave you the key , You sought not sacred wisdom, But to open your heart! Tonight you are overwhelmed with emotion, The beauty of being HUMAN! Handle yourself with great gentleness. Sleep now, rest with the protection and care of your Dragon, Settling  deep into the Violet Flame Crystal Chair.Continue reading “The Key”

Everyday Hero 14′

This Week’s 12-18 Nov Submission Showcase on The Writers Club Gene Key 14 Compromise – Competence – Bounteousness “Life is filled with outer compromises. To live without outer compromises would involve a huge selfishness. The inside is where the gold lies hidden, to learn how to overcome our selfish tendencies to compromise our higher self,Continue reading “Everyday Hero 14′”

Into the Future

Written for WDYS prompt 7 Nov 2022 Thank you Daddy be my Guardian, Guardian of my growing space, Space to try thousand colour, Colour my body with experience, Experience may make me laugh and cry, Cry on your shoulder until you hear me giggle, Giggle my way into the future, Thank you Daddy always byContinue reading “Into the Future”

“Brain” People – Will vs Love

I have a friend since the day in Australia. He was the person who walked me down the aisle , gave my hand to my now ex-husband. A person so intelligent and intriguing, I could listen to him for hours. Mostly because I loved him so profoundly. With time, he disappeared into his own thoughts,Continue reading ““Brain” People – Will vs Love

10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements

This post is dedicated to those of you who have joined me today on the 10 10 Portal, and the Birthing of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary. I Am blessed by your Presences, by your love and support. Archangel Michael was the first to come in the morning, which has such a calming effect in myContinue reading “10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements”

A baby in a bamboo crib

A baby in a bamboo crib, placed outside of a mansion. He cried out loud, for hunger, he knew he was abandoned. The door opened, a beautiful face, gracious face, slim fingers never touch hard work, But playing string Shamisen, pouring sake into cups. Behind her stood a man, strong, powerful, a Samurai. A manContinue reading “A baby in a bamboo crib”

Spontaneous Celibacy

I was told during my one and only Birth Chart reading that my spiritual awakening was really started on 2006, even if unselfconsciously. When this dear Astrologer asked how I considered what had caused or happened this awakening, I was trying to find the answers through external events. The inability to look inward from myContinue reading Spontaneous Celibacy

Unsent Letter

The Writers Club Showcase of Week 2nd Sept – 8th Oct Beloved, One more letter into the unsent bundle, accumulated life after life. Words written never sent, whisper to the air. Letters I should have received, only you too never sent them away. Feeling restrains, sentiment is a dangerous affair. Long gone abundance in heart,Continue reading Unsent Letter

A Dragon and A Feather

Somewhere during the week, I was re-reading the 56th Gene Key while doing the Genius Sequence, it said: If you have this Siddhi in your Hologenetic profile, your life is supposed to teach you about this love through the world and its suffering you should never shy away from suffering, for suffering is the toxin thatContinue reading A Dragon and A Feather

Red Jade Stone

Today, I have a great pleasure to meet a dear soul, who is bringing a serious of Jade stones in Italy, and arranging with a number of Jewel Craftsman to express their craftsmanship/design  according to their spiritual connection with the selected stone. I found this idea totally innovating, and inspirational. During our meeting, I wasContinue reading “Red Jade Stone”

Healing in the New Erthe

Modern Practice All of the above are simple COMMON SENSE!, we need no doctor, no authority, no Big Pharm to tell us the otherwise. Yet, in this “Modern” society, we are being told, being treated, being taught the complete opposite! There is almost always the “Right” pill/intervention/treatment provided by the External Source  to solve anyContinue reading Healing in the New Erthe


PETITION TO THE KARMIC BOARD: VESTA FLAME SANCTUARY Invocation: Beloved Mother/Father Life, you are my Life, My Wisdom, and My Constant support. I know this Vesta Flame Sanctuary is your Plan for the New children on Erthe. I Am Blessed with your Permission to carry out this Plan as your Ambassador, the Guardian, the CreatorContinue reading “PETITION TO THE KARMIC BOARD”

Mother Mary and Jesus

10-08-2022 Mother (Grandmother) Mary, Location: Grotta di Lourdes di Chiampo You don’t need to know what will happen in the future. You manifest what you want, what you desire for the Greater Good of All. Use this power in you, don’t ever think you are the little one. You are US, US all together. WeContinue reading “Mother Mary and Jesus”

Fear, or BETTER Laugh! 56

The Writers Club Show Case Week 14th-20th August 2022 Chaos descend, What I am going to do? Fear swelling, What I am going to do? Screaming for help, What I am going to do? Peace I seek, Where can I find it? Peace I have, How much do you have? Enough Peace I have, IsContinue reading “Fear, or BETTER Laugh! 56”


DO YOU NEED TO ASK?DO YOU NEED TO LEARN?JUST LIVING!JUST LOVING!JUST LAUGHING! 30th July 2022  Gene Key 56 In the ancient Jewish sacred text known as the Talmud, a strange and mystical prophecy reads: “And in the time to Come, The Holy One will make a banquet for the righteous From the flesh of the leviathan,Continue reading “FINAL LESSON 56”

Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! 60

Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! In NO circumstances, any man/women shall forsaken their Divine right for being the Sons and Daughters of God! The Right to Breathe Freely! The Right to Live Freely! The Right to Do Good for the Greatest Good of All is our Divine Purpose! All Beings, including andContinue reading “Sacred Right For All God’s Being On Earth! 60”


Let it go, let it go!No more expectation in waiting station.Free yourself from ancient fear: Abandon by who you love.The most precious love IS you, INSIDE you, ALL of you.Fill you up with your love.Hugging trees, watching stars, Mother Gaia is full of  Love.Be that TREE, be that STAR,Be YOU.NO more expectation in waiting station.YouContinue reading “LET IT GO! 42”

It Is Not a Competition!

27th July 2022 ‘I AM’ Walking My Own Path. What the Other People Thinks, What the Other People Says, What Difficulties You Have on My Regard, To Accept My Endeavor, Is Not My Business! I Am Extending My Love and Light To You. If You Ask, I Am Willing to Help. Otherwise, My Hands Are Tied!Continue reading “It Is Not a Competition!”