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  • Conscious Cafe’

    Your daily cup of coffe, to taste it with gusto, slowly, no rush…..

  • Soul Sisters

    Dear Sisters, For the first post of the year, I would like to dedicate to you, my dear sisters from the Past, Present and Future. Since 2020, the journey of Awakening in the last 3 years, there is you Beloved J, from the very first day of me joining Brother DK study. Your Presence isContinue reading “Soul Sisters”

  • A POND

    A Pond, emotion runs deep. Throw a rock if you want, a pond just receives it with grace, Down to the bottom, no trace to find. A Pond, emotion runs deep. Swim if you like; a pond will support you with love, Flow effortlessly, in sacred sanctuary. A Pond, emotion runs deep. Comes rain orContinue reading “A POND”

  • The Key

    From Mother and Father, We gave you the key , You sought not sacred wisdom, But to open your heart! Tonight you are overwhelmed with emotion, The beauty of being HUMAN! Handle yourself with great gentleness. Sleep now, rest with the protection and care of your Dragon, Settling  deep into the Violet Flame Crystal Chair.Continue reading “The Key”

  • Everyday Hero 14′

    This Week’s 12-18 Nov Submission Showcase on The Writers Club Gene Key 14 Compromise – Competence – Bounteousness “Life is filled with outer compromises. To live without outer compromises would involve a huge selfishness. The inside is where the gold lies hidden, to learn how to overcome our selfish tendencies to compromise our higher self,Continue reading “Everyday Hero 14′”

  • Into the Future

    Written for WDYS prompt 7 Nov 2022 Thank you Daddy be my Guardian, Guardian of my growing space, Space to try thousand colour, Colour my body with experience, Experience may make me laugh and cry, Cry on your shoulder until you hear me giggle, Giggle my way into the future, Thank you Daddy always byContinue reading “Into the Future”