3rd Correspondence with Peter

12-10-2021 Dear Peter,

I do not mean to hasten your reply. I would only like to ask you a few questions.

1. Even though I was thinking to make the pledge on the 26th, but thinking better, the 20th is full moon, could this be a better day? Maybe Sister Sue can give us a better understanding, and I won’t see her until 21st ( we have an appointment for my birth chart reading).

  • still regarding the date, would it make any difference if I have finished the Rules study??? Would there be differences if we have the Initiation???

3. Last Friday 8th Oct, I went back to the property again, and I have left a Stone which I found from the mountain of Sacro San Michele (Torino), see I have a habit in collecting stones, especially if it is Heart shape.

Where I have ask AA Michael protection of this place. While I was doing Meditation, the energy was really high. I can feel a current going up from my feet up, up, up. 

And last night, I have a very strange dream, which I do connect to this property. Please bear with me as no one around me can give any answer.

I was up around 3am, so I was listening to a guided meditation of Violet Flame…. Then I was in that dream state, I was inside a shop to buy Lottery tickets, only the balls are not balls but oranges. 

The person in the shop was not shopkeeper, but the person who manage the extraction. When the orange/number arrive, he cut it into half and show me the round shape and red/orange colour inside.

I was thinking such beautiful  Moon.

So, I would like to hear if you have any suggestions, is the half orange about Full moon now on 20th, which is Blood Moon.

Maybe I should buy lottery tickets to get the funding??? 

(See, dear Peter, I am against all kind of gambling, as growing in a very poor areas, seeing men and women get ruined  with debts for gambling…). I have never had dream like this….

13-10-2021 Dear Sister, No need to apologize!

I have got into the Website, and see that you have begun!  I also saw the stone there!!

Regarding the Activation, this shall be all down to you.  If you did it on the 20th I feel that would be okay as it is still within the 3day period on either side of the Full Moon!

It will make no plausible difference if you have finished the Rules or still engaged, and as far as the dream is concerned certainly you could see this a having reference to the Full Moon, The Blood moon!  But again before you do anything be sure to discern and Qualify, the same would be wise about the lottery ticket.  But who knows, if it has come to awareness and you can afford it, you need to be in it to win it!

I buy lottery tickets every week for the EGA, the Euro Millions where the win would set up many Projects around the world.  The difference in this sort of gambling is as long as you are not attached to it!  That you can stop any time you wish with no attachment, even if your numbers came up the next week!

I have opened a personal file for you with your project by because of my workload right now I still have not gone through it.

19-10-2021 Hi there Akata,

I have now read and reviewed your Petition.  It is starting to take shape, well down!  How do you feel about it?  What else would you like to add or include?  

This Goal you have to Create this Radiation Centre must, for the most part, be your Creation.  A Creation between you and God for if it is not, then the potentials to be fulfilled by this Endeavour may not reach their potentials.  

What I can share at this stage is that overall this presentation does feel more like a property investment presentation.  Which is helpful for you to begin to become aware of what you are taking on!  There are some very practical applications that you will need to address and place into certain compartments to bring all this into fruition.  For example St Germain says this,

“Man should, then, realize that the perfectionment of the soul in God must take into account the training of the child-man and the fact that so-called cradles of “negation” (e.g. compartments in the world of form) have been created as classrooms or schools of soul testing where transmutation and noble changes can be effected that will result in an expansion of the flame of freedom, raising every son of liberty into the totality of his identity and divine manhood.” 


“The Ascended Masters are not only sane and well-organized, but they are also godly and profound to the nth degree.” 

What does this mean?

It means that one must fully embrace all aspects of whatever they are creating, and not leave out o negate or forget the detailed information that makes the Creation complete.  You mention in your presentation that defining the project in as much detail a possible.

Would you like to look into this yourself or would you like some help in the point out the areas that need quite a bit more attention to detail?

Also what you have shared so far is mostly from the personality side of the project.  To place it into the Higher-dimensional fields of the Impersonality then that is where the Petition Presentation will be required.  In other words the Magnetization of Your Sponsors from the Greater Spheres of Influence and then be able to discern who is acting or communicating with you.  In other words, be mindful that Energy and the Law of Attraction will operate no matter what the level of consciousness, or Vibrational Frequency.  Energy is not concerned with how Energy is used, only humanity is responsible and determines the use or Use of Energy!

I am not defining what intentions or ideas are, nor the level you are coming from, that is your job to discern. My sharing here is based solely to help you become aware of where you are as part of the Creational Process.  I am in no way questioning your Intentions or Good Will.  But there are Laws to Consider here if one is going to achieve any form of Creation at the Levels of Immaculate Conception!  That is My Purpose and ultimately I am sure is yours!!

Recently from the Elemental Grace Alliance’s situation, where many of its Members cannot or still fail to Understand the Cosmic Laws of Creation and the continued interference of human and spiritual glamours that both DK and St Germain very strict about, a Discourse was offered by Christ Jesus, and so for interest sake, I offer that here for your consideration of its content.  Again I am not implying anything, just better to be aware of the things that will only diminish and create obstacles for any well-intentioned person who desires to be a God Creator at the Highest Levels.

Dear Akata,  The ‘I AM’ Presence communications in many ways, but none more direct than Heart Felt direct Communications.  Automatic Writing is one way that works for many.  The feeling of body can be interfered with by those who do not wish us to succeed!  So knowing the energies that work around you is vital to everything that you do!

I am not sure what more I can tell you right now until you make some more decisions within yourself.  and define any specif questions that you may like to ask, your I AM Presence first, but if that is not forthcoming to your satisfaction then maybe I can help where I can!

I just want to offer some final Guidance here to show you that there are no shortcuts when seeking to Create at Levels of Immaculate Conception.

The EGA is now 10 years in the Creation of Its Radiation Centres and still, we have not even found the plot or location.  We have been told where they are, but still, I have not been able to visit them!  Nor has the money, (billions of dollars that are needed) have yet Graced Our Use!  Yes, we could use our human force just as so many human beings do, but until the Consciousness of those who will Create and Work within such Centres if their Purpose and Goal is Perfection and Immaculate Conception then it simply will not occur until the Consciousness of the Individuals and more so now with even greater potentials available are possible.  The EGA is Creating for people in each Radiation Centre around 10,000 people to live there and hundreds of thousands to be catered for in Educational and Research Facilities.  Your Creation is for ??? (you have not defined this number or ratio of Guardians to Children yet)  And even though the number varies, the Process, Resonances and Vibrational Frequencies and the Cosmic Laws are the same!

So please do not feel any discouragement or doubt that may come into play!  No doubt can play a part in Creating as God Creates!

Remember, and Invocate often  I Create As God Creates!, I Only See Union of the One in All!  I Am in Acceptance of My The Homecoming!  I Am the Observation of What IS God in All My Creations!

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