6th Correspondence with Peter

05-11-2021 Dear Peter,

I ask my Higher Self to give me guidance in writing this email.

In our last email, we talked about Lily cross or the Maltese cross, with 3 confirmations, yesterday morning I was recording your email with all those references of St Germain (I like to record almost everything that I read, with the vibration of voice, and concentration in reading our loud,  give deeper insight then normal reading, with the advantage that I can listen to it  later), the third confirmation came in the afternoon from a post Priya written regarding water element, and she mentioned St Germain and Maltese Cross.

Dear Peter, it is not really of what I write in the petition, but the process of how I come to understand my consciousness and my connection with God, isn’t it?

It is not a coincidence that I talked to Sue just 2 weeks ago, now I am joining the Dots together. From our session, she has given me the insight of my journey home, to become a Free Spirit and strip off anything that don’t belong to the I Am presence. I was doing it from 2006 without me knowing it, without being able to put words or connection on it. 

You see, by the first day I joined EGA, I knew St. Germain was here with me, I know the roads that I have taken over the course of my life are experiences necessary for me being here today. But I was too scared to acknowledge it to myself. 

I tried to put off so many intuitions or sights, so I don’t need to take up the responsibility. Even this automatic writing thing, I was ready to do it right after my summer trip in France (something important has shifted), I have all the vibration and sensations with me, but instead of sitting down and connect, I give myself thousands of excuses…until the last 4 days of our Rules study….

I was admonished by St Germain for exactly this. I must stop giving myself excuses, and get on with my purpose.

In these few short days, I was being told that this Radiation Center is not without my own personal purpose: it is my home, my root, it is a place that I will go back from time to time to regenerate and rest.  Extensive travel is in front of me.

I have read again and again of the Petition, It is how it should be. The children was talking through me, not me the child talking.  So I will leave it just like that. I have update the website, if you want to check on it.

From Sue information, there are a few days good for the petition, 18 Nov or 27 Jan 2022.

 “Than you have Saturn making a trine to your natal Jupiter in Feb 14 days 25th 10days. Positive time to achieve the balance of your needs to security and  needs of exploration. You have the ability to make plans according to your goals. You are fortunate to attract the resources that you need for your purpose.”

Dear Peter, this project seems so impossible and unbelievable. Yet it is only the first step, first stone to cast.

06-11-2021 Dear Sister,

Bless You, yes, what you are Self Realizing now is exactly what you are saying, for it is all about the Guidance through Divine Will, not free will, and free will is what actives the excuses or false realities that we find ourselves when confusion arises!

Your Petition is just a stepping stone to help you reinforce your connection to Your Higher Self. And this Petition does make these connections and they will need to be even stronger as the days go on which I sense you will discover in due course. Nothing that you can force, for there is Divine Order playing out.

Have you looked at the 12 Christ Mind Powers? This may be of benefit to you more so now than perhaps before. But like you said, much is happening without you even knowing you are doing it!

Sooner or later you will still need the Petition that will have to be presented to the Karmic Board if you are going to conform to Cosmic Law, why? because if you don’t, this Project will remain a human conscious manifestation that will not achieve it highest potential. It may be made manifest, and it may help many Dear Souls, but it will without the Direct Communications to your ‘I AM’ Presence and the Masters,who Stand within the Unity Consciousness of the ‘I AM’, just remain beholding to the ego personality desire. You have completed the Rules Study now and Know that the personality is destined to be completely dissolved and it is not until then that the Christ Councils can be Created here upon Earth.

St Germain will help you, but He has told the EGA His Work with us ONLY relates to the Forming of the Christ Councils which in other words is Only the Work that continues the Consolidation of those Communicative Skills based on the Links and Open Communication with the ‘I AM’.

So yes, there is no more room for excuses anymore, not if the Christ Consciousness is Our Goal! And that means there is no more room for the ego-personality. We are going to be speaking more of these things soon when the new Group forms on Monday!

The date that has been given to you is important to you, that is no coincidence and now you have this information. it will be your Endeavour to decide how these will best Serve You! That will come down to your Inner Higher Guidance.

Qualification and Confirmation will help in these areas.

Regarding the other matter you wish to develop and talk about. If you choose to share with me, I will be happy to receive it and Respond.

God Bless You and Stay True to yourself Dear Sister.

08-11-2021 Beloved Peter,

 Here I am again, with more questions then ever.

12 minds powers, yes I read them before, I will go back reading them again. I just can’t generate more time……. I am re-reading The Pale One again as guided. It is the first book I read from the EGA library.

 First thing first, the petition. I was told to check on my diary, as I would be amazed. So it is what I have done, many things I didn’t remember and didn’t put the connections together. Now I have incorporated into the petition.  I hardly putting anything new, all are my writing back since March this year.

 I have written the Purpose of this center back on 8th June through a AA Michael transmission (not mine, watched on Youtube, I guess this is how we are being communicated as well, right?). I included also my direct writing with AA Michael now.  Today I tried to ask more information, but was not given anything.

Oh Peter, I believe we have the final version with my God’s self whole heartily committed, and I would like to present it on 18th Nov. Please let me know how should I proceed from here.

 Secondly, I want to ask you in regarding of Light Language, do you have any materials that you can share with me. I was giving the idea that the ancient Chinese language (the one written on bones and turtle shell) could be originally generated by the Light Language.

 One thing leads to another, Gene Keys to I Ching, to Chinese language, to light language….. I need to be stopped!!!!

 Then, do you have the following script?

J. J. Hurtak and His Manuscripts of ‘The Twelfth Study in the Series of Teachings on the Holy Sephiroth of the Tree of Life – Michael.’

09-11-2021 Dear Akata,

I have a big day today and tomorrow and this weekend I am away on family business so I may not get to this before next week, but I will try!

I know that you have a Great Deal of Zeal and this is wonderful, yet my first sense as I read this email was the need to discern for yourself as to whether your Energies are at present regarding Divine Zeal. I will leave that with you, for it is not for me to say one way or another.

The process of presentation to the Karmic Board is very clear, and has been described in detail both in the EGA Book and in the EGA Discourses with Pallas Athena. Part of that Process is that one has to Call upon the Company of Heaven and ask for their Sponsorship. and if you call in specific Dear Hearts you will need to be able to transcribe what is shared by them. Also, you will need to take your Petition and have it pinned up upon the Notice Boards In the Appropriate Etheric Temples, and when the time comes will need to give a talk and Presentation to those who turn up to your allotted time. Imagine trying to do that here on Earth, for this is a simpler process.

If you have read the entire book A God Awakening, this was my Petition to the Karmic Board. I had no idea of those when I began and did not find this out until after the event. So in many ways, one does not have to make this a conscious process if one is following their Higher Guidance and able to Communicate directly with All Those Concerned. It may seem like an impossible task and for a single Project unnecessary. However if one is going to Create at the Highest Levels and from within a Creation through the Immaculate Conception Every Creation MUST follow the same procedures. Even the Masters Must follow these Processes and They are more likely that have Their projects rejected if they do not have the Following and Support of the Human Contingency to help them here upon the ground.

What you have begun cannot be rushed and nor can it be determined ready or not ready by human consciousness. This only makes it a human creation that more than likely will suffer the conditions of any human creation of which in time will only dissolve and or disintegrate and can never reach its potentials.

I am not trying to put any brakes upon your Plan, but you asked the question and I must now tell you the Rightful Application.

Everything the EGA Does has been Qualified and Received the Grants and Dispensations from the Karmic Board. And you are soon to learn about the EGA’s next huge Petition to Unite the World into a One World Nation! It is hard to imagine what goes into these things, but without them they simply will not have Power. Love and Wisdom to last the Facets of time and space. That is beyond the holographic programs we presently live in!

I wish to offer you an invitation to look at your daily schedules and what you give your attention to, regarding not having time to do all that you feel you should do. For this is not the case, your day should be free to do exactly what you have come to do and through the Higher Guidance of Your, ‘I AM’ all unnecessary and all non important things, including Discourses and following other’s groups and sharing and just Focus upon what it Right For YOU.

The Chinese Language is one of 4 Sacred Languages that also have been adulterated over time, but these Ancient Languages are Chinese, Arabic, Tibetian and the next has slipped my mind right now, but I do have a Discourse speaking of these Languages. I will try to find them. They may even be in the Keys of Enoch!

I do have the PDF or the file you asked for including Lord Michael and Melchizedek. I have attached here below for you. It is deep and complex in nature, so remember you already have the Knowledge within yet you may be triggered by such text and you have asked for it!

More than this I cannot share right now. I would invite you to review the Discoures shared above, and the Light Programs will also help a Great Deal upon Quest.

Dearest Peter,

Your words are well received.
Did you read my email late last night? For a moment I sensed your presence, while I was recording The Pale One.

I understand what you meant by long process, I was starting to do it since March, without knowing it, even before the Vision came. In a sense that I was being prepared

I still have hard time in believing my communication with the other side of the veil. Then again, I was doing it without me knowing it. Reading my diary just give me confirmation, and now I know I have been doing it since I was a child. Only then I thought I was crazy, and hiding myself behind closed doors to talk to Myself.

Peter, please do not worry about date…. It is simply my way….
So I don’t get sidetracked by other things.

Thank you again for all information. I was told it is not a coincidence that I am being led to the EGA, and under your guidance/protection.


Dear Peter,

I wasn’t going to write you until after the new year, but after reading your new post yesterday, I simply laugh out loud and need to write.

You see, yesterday morning, I was just finished writing the Petition for myself for the Teton Retreat. Here is an excerpt:

 “‘I Am’ blessed with the Vision given by our Mother/Father God of the new Radiation Center. I have tried several times to write the Proposal. Now I realized that I am/was not fully ready or awakened enough to express all the love and good intention inside my heart.

So dear Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma, ‘I Am’ not rushing to send you this Particular Proposal. And knowing that when I am/will be ready, I can send it to the Councils of Light any time knowing that I can rely on your assistance and guidance. Until such time, ‘I Am’ to keep this Vision very close inside my heart. ‘I Am’ can nevertheless, ask you dear Lords to secure this place, so that I can bring it into Precipitation.

Now ‘I Am’ sending you this Petition, asking to activate my Divine Blueprint, my cellular DNA and Atom. ‘I Am’ asking you every opportunity and means to acquire all necessary wisdom and knowledge for me to accomplish my Divine Plan.”

So I didn’t expect information come that fast!!! and that much!!!

Joke aside, I would like to let you know, finally I have the right peace of mind to start study Boot Camp, simultaneously, rereading your Book, the Awakening.  

In regarding the Proposal of the Radiation Center, as you can see, I have arrived with the understanding that there is no use in rushing. Even though I think what I have send you the last time was a good version. Now I believe much to be integrated,  with my moving forward and understanding my ‘I Am’ more each day.

I would like to ask your permission by citing passages from your book and EGA discourses where and when I see appropriate. In addition, there is also many passages from ‘I Am’ Authority courses that I would like to use. Of course, this I would also ask Beloved St. Germain next time when we connect.

This is the end of this long long  email correspondence. I cannot express enough my deep gratitude to Peter for his patience and wisdom guidance.

As you can see, there have been so many uncertainly, unknown information, that I wasn’t able to make Head and Tail with. Sometimes, I can’t sleep, sometimes I was in despair as I was not going anywhere, then with just a sign from somewhere, I am back on my Feet again. This is nothing but a process in getting to know the Voice Within, my ‘I Am’ Presence.

On the 20th I knew that the 3 Petitions that I wrote where the necessary steps for me to connect with my ‘I Am’ Presence. In the meantime I have finished Boot Camp of ‘I Am’ Authority, (which I have waited until I have the peace of mind to do so), new materials from One World Nation and the rest are coming in. During this process, a big shift has happened. I wrote  letters to my ‘I Am’ Presence:

22-12-2022 ‘I Am’ Presence

My Beloved ‘I Am’. I love you, I love you, I love you.

This little voice inside me, who has always been here with me, talk to me, guide me, help me, protect me.

It takes me more than 50 years finally to acknowledge You, my ‘I Am’ Presence. But we have so many more years to stay together, now that we have found each other. We shall stay in this New Erthe as long as it is required of us. There is so much works to be done, so much to prepare.

We are going to prepare the New environments for the New Children of the New Erthe.

Only if I know it sooner My Beloved ‘I Am’.

We are standing firm to our the Truth with the Sword and the Shield of ArchAngel Michael. We shall face every difficulty, every obstacle with the open arms. We shall move forward with the Power of God vested in Us.

Dearest friend of my world, it is my great Honour and Privilege to make this wonderful, joyous, beautiful acquaintance with You, my ‘I Am’ Presence.

We Are God in me and Christ Also.

‘I Am’ that ‘I Am’.

In Love we Share

29-12-2022 To my Higher Self ‘I Am’ Presence

Dear Higher Self, my ‘I Am’ Presence, please come to live inside my heart every moment during the day and night.

To see how you see,

To hear how you hear,

To feel how you feel,

To touch how you touch.

If by chance during any moment, I have forgotten your Presence, please come to knock on my door inside my Heart to tell me:  yoooohooo, where have you gone? Come back and Be together!

You are my Twin Flame, my Soul mate, my Eternal Wisdom that never fail.

I can still see so vividly the Little Girl who talked to herself behind the closed door. By growing up, I have forsaken you to the Matrix, distancing myself further away from you, my Soul. Thank you for staying close every moment even when I was totally asleep and unconscious of your Presence.

Now that we have found each other again, let not be separated any longer. Be One.

I love you, I love you, I love you.


A simple heart felt letters, no grand words, no useless promise, simple honesty. From that moment on, I am marching into this new direction. I dear say, my ‘I Am’ Presence is ever presence. The task in putting everything together, writing non-stop, finding the right information, the rhythm with which to work together is simply Magic.

In doing so, I get to understand myself more each day. It is like paying an Etheric Psychologist to analyst this life, past and future lives…. and there is only one conclusion, not matter the directions one takes: Home! One! Be!

Side note: I am writing this at 2:00 am in the middle of the night, it seems that I can go on forever……

Every now and then, I feel a cool breeze on my face! Oh, I am never alone, many are here with me, together we are doing this, I may not be able to give you the names of each of them.

Please hear me, thank you, thank you, eternal thank you.


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