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From your birth details, we are going to make a deep dive into your Galactic Interdimensional Star Connections


Galactic Astrology -Quantum Soul Guidance Reading

From your birth details, we are going to make a deep dive into your Galactic Interdimensional Star Connections:

  • Akashic record reading, past lives memories that have special connections to this life embodiment.
  • how many lives you have in this planet Earth?
  • how many lives you have in other constellations / star systems?
  • from which portal/s you came into this planet?
  • what are your main life challenges and/or purposes in this life time?
  • how much karma is there right now still to be resolved?
  • how much your soul agreeing to help with resolving galactic races karma on Earth?

The list of details/questions/answers are infinite. You may have some specific areas that you are particularly interested in! This is an in-depth study according to your birth chart, not computer generated. Through direct communication with your higher self, to receive messages from the Universe. A process may take up to 2/3 days intense concentration, and I am much looking forward to share it with you either through Zoom meeting, or recording according to your preference. A written report will be provided after the meeting.

Please contact us for more information, payment, and appointment.

The session/s can be either with Zoom/recording, and written report.

Family Constellation Charts and Special Attention to our Future Generation


I would like to present to you my specialization in Family Constellation charts, with particular attention to the New Generation.

Relocation Charts


If you have relocated to a new country, or is planning to do so. You may wonder why it seems to be a total new life? You are not the same person as before?

Reports are available in English, Italiano, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 , Simplified Chinese 简体中文

For more details, instructions, and appointments, please contact us.

What is Galactic Astrology Quantum Soul Guidance (QSG) reading?

this work is making people more humble, more responsible with their choices, more self-reflective and consciously aware of the profound impact of their every-day choices on multiple generations not only on earth but also in greater cosmos. Uncovering our connection to stars and how the stars influence our life can and should be used as invaluable tool for personal evolution, a journey towards greater well-being, harmony, clarity, peace, love, connection, sovereignty…self-mastery.

Julia Balaz, The Founder of Galactic Astrology