4th Correspondence with Peter

20-10-2021 Dear Peter,

It is all well, I will see to correct the format of how I have set up the project. What I am lacking is the ability to express it in a spiritual way and most importantly to bring out my feeling and thoughts with my own words. That is what I will try to amend.

I have no personal interest in doing this, I would be much better off not dirty my hands in this business and still enjoy a comfortable life. I have no interest in selling this property to anyone. As a whole I shouldn’t have anything to do with this property at all.

I was giving this vision for a reason, why me, how and what. I have no answer.  I have simply accepted it as my purpose for the greater Good, going against everything in my little world.

Today, I was finding myself in a very difficult situation, I was risking to be blocked in the middle of a country /mountain road, without being able to get out, my car was literally inside a pit.

And I was out by myself, calling Archangel Micheal, Mother Mary, and Magdalena. I can feel the force of energy behind me (car) to get out of this trouble. My friend beside me (with High heel, can not do a thing) was incredulous of how we got out from the trouble.

This is only to say I have all the help I need to make this vision into manifestation.  It is not my Ego speaking, it is me knowing the Good it can bring and being giving an opportunity to do it. As deep down inside my heart, I know it full well it is the call from God above, I am simply an instrument.

One thing you got me thinking: is this project has to be a Radiation Center as those you have in mind of EGA?

It is only a small property (even with potential to be enlarge in the future), is not certainly for 10000 people, most likely only for a hundred with careful arrangements.

From what I feel in my heart, this will be a center for very specific reason: the Children. 

I have never seen in my vision that it would become a community living center. Maybe it could become the future. So I think the best way is follow the Flow, it could be wise to start with small.

My deep gratitude for everything, and I would be grateful to send you the new version.

21-10-2021 Fear Akata,

I was not implying that this was going to be a big project.  All I was saying is that the clarity of the Process is the same.  When I began the EGA  I simply saw that the Elementals needed help, and I asked a very simply question.  What could I do to help them, knowing that I had certain experiences that may, and I only say may have been useful!  But what I did have and was able to do was to take the time to open and listen to how and in what way from my ‘I AM’ Presence.  I did not do that all the time just every time I followed the Lead and came to a sticky spot!

Any sticky spot is a place where something is just not flowing!  If I was in your position as you describe with your car in that pit, I would say that this was a sticky spot where I would now take time out to open and ask why did this happen.  Your car and the pit are all part of your own creation to experience.  An experience that you created to learn from!  That is the Truth, what one does with this is their own choice.

The Radiation Centres we are Creating are not only that of the location, but the Heart of the Creation which is the Heart of Everyone involved!  So Your Heart Dear Soul will be the Nucleus of this Project and be the SUN that shall Radiate the Love, Power and Wisdom of what takes place within the Location.  So it matters not if the location is your Children’s Centre a car stuck in the pit, if the Heart is Radiating Love and Light many things will not get stuck and would have Flowed Around the obstacles, all obstacles!  An obstacle is simply a lesson not learned!

Having no personal interest could also be a situation that needs looking at, for while the personality is not applying itself and doing all it can to integrate itself into the ‘I AM’ then separation consciousness is playing out.  the ego and ‘I AM’ are not separate, just in the mind of the ego it will be thus another obstacle. And this is one of the greatest problems for all Lightworkers, they see the ‘I Am’ but still hold onto the separateness of the ego with it, thus seeing two individual states of consciousness.

If you would like to express yourself in words with a lot more freedom, I would be happy to receive a video recording on Zoom where I can listen at my own pace and rewind when I don’t get the entire sentence.  This may help you be more creative in your sharing also?

I feel what you are doing with Sue and looking deeply into your Gene Key encodement is a wonderful and most important thing to do.  Knowing Thyself First can save heaps of time rather than flying blind and not knowing the personality shadows or what one is striving for as their own Gift and Siddhi Expression as part of their own Evolution.  (more details of my meeting with Sue is here….)

As for the Land and Project, yes there are quite a few details that still need to be sorted to have a better picture.  But as I have learned through the EGA’s way, I have no real interest in the details of the Radiation Centres, my main focus is the Inner Radiance of those who will Unite there and Create the Christ Circles that will Govern Them  But all that stars with the Individual and then the Group!  Without Heart/s of the Dear Souls Governing then resistance, blockages and obstacles will stand before the Divine Plan.  And I say Divine Plan as opposed to any human creation!

You have been given this Impression of this Plan as Part of your Own Creation.  But without the ‘I AM’ Guiding you all the way and being open and able to Communicate with the ‘I AM’ through the willingness and desire of the ego, then it will only remain a human creation.

I hope all this makes sense.

So again, if you wish to do a recording, it matters not how long, I will listen and share my thoughts and feelings with you.  But if you can first open all this up to your own ‘I AM’ First, that would be the first application to make.

In Love and Joy We Share!

Have you ever read or listened to the Unveiled Mysteries and Magic Presence of St Germain??  Maybe you would like to, it has some very Key Elements to the Work you are Intending to do.

22-10-2021 Beloved Peter,

Oh mine, how much patient is needed to deal with someone like me .

Yes, yesterday the meeting is definitely important. We talked for almost 3 hours .  Sue has given me so much insights and it will takes me long to go through all materials. I did talk about it with Sue yesterday, maybe she can tell you.

To make it short, the Will and Love aspects are Me, in Me, through Me. The energy that drive behind is nothing but Love, and on top of that I have the Will to bring it into Manifestation. 

I guess there is only one thing to do, to express myself better with my own words regarding this project. The rest will follow.

 I don’t feel there is any more need to make a recording.  All is well.

27-10-2021 Dear Peter,

First of all, please allow me to express my deep gratitude, for guiding me with so much love and patience.

These final 4 days are something our of all expectations. Sue did tell me that I will be able to connect with the Above, I have never expected to be so much, I was so overwhelmed after 3 days in automatic writing, the last day I simply rest. 

These few days have given me the bridge for communication and breaking through, I really never expected. 

This morning, after meditation, I started again to write the petition, mainly through automatic writing. I know Master Djwhal Khul was there, may be someone else too. For the first time, I really see it, feel it, hear it. Can’t stop myself crying in the process.

You are so right that I didn’t use my own words. Now just by rewriting it in the computer, it feel so much mine, and mine alone. 

Please find enclosed the new file. I didn’t change the second file with the distribution of the property. I don’t feel anything need to be changed. If amendment is needed, it will come with the real project once the work starts.

In addition, there are so many posts in our forum regarding the future radiation center. I have always restrain myself of telling more about this project. Maybe now is time to update with the group?

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