It is no easy task to find an appropriate Title for this endeavour. Something that is not strictly personal, neither something unrelated.

Then, my ‘I Am’ Presence always come into rescue. This name BECOMING LOTUS sounds just right for the Path that I am embarking, a journey from the illusionary world (the muddy pond) to see the light, to find the way home, to BE simply of who ‘I Am’  (the Lotus flower).

‘I Am’ blessed with a Vision. ‘I Am’ blessed not because I have a glimpse of the future, future is not set on stone! ‘I Am’ blessed because Father and Mother God know Who ‘I Am’, and they love me for Whom ‘I Am’. This Vision has given me the energy and motive to move forward, to find the way Home. In searching, ‘I Am’ being led to join The Elemental Grace Alliance with the  14 Rules Study, an hence, entered into the New Phrase of my Being, surrounded by this Family of Light.

Joseph Benner, The Impersonal Life:

“As you more and more realize this, will the true meaning and use of the things, conditions and experiences I send be revealed unto you. For you will then begin to glimpse My Idea within, and when you glimpse that Idea will you begin to know Me, your own Real Self.”

Time to confess, I did not have any clue of what I was joining. I didn’t know Alice Bailey, or any Exoteric / Esoteric teaching for this matter! So without saying, I didn’t even know who was Djwhal Khul. In my ignorance, I thought it was some Tibetan flesh and bone, very much alive doing the teaching!!! My sincere apology Brother Djwhal Khul, it seems a long way from 15th May to now, that we are approaching the new year 2022! And of course, you know that I didn’t understand much during the first 10 days course, and honestly, nothing much neither during the rest…. Maybe something has changed around August, a Shift of Consciousness. My deep gratitude to your patient and love.

A thought for Beloved Saint Germain, who has somewhat ‘Strange’ or rather ‘Particular’ Presence during all this period of awakening. It was distant, almost non perceivable at first. When I started to notice his influence, it was all too evident, that I can hardly denied. To accept the fact that he IS available for communication was too much to handle. The final straw when it came to my knowledge that he was also Saint Joseph! Round and round, reincarnation after reincarnation, can we All, Ascended and Unascended finally walk on this Planet Erthe as ‘Free Spirit’!?

Much has changed, my 3D world (families and friends) has gone through earthquake movements, I have shredded much worldly baggages, old ideas and believes, to entrust my ‘I Am’ Presence leading me into this UNKNOWN, UNSEEN World of Spirituality, the World of Unity Consciousness, the World of ONENESS!

While this Vision keeps me moving forward, now I also come to understand, that the purpose of this Precipitation is to provide Service and Greater Good for the New Children in the New Erthe. But it is not the End Goal of my ‘I Am’ Presence, it is simply the Beginning. The future is here for us to write, to create, to find our way to do more, and to make Perfect!

This is the process of finding our voices, my voice is just a tiny example of so many brothers and sisters out there. We are making history, to create the Future with the Christ Consciousness planted deeply within our Hearts, we are the Sons and Daughters of our Mother’s Love and Father’s Light.

This Petition is not simply about the property that is involved, it is the process of how I have been endeavoring in the past few months, or even going back to my childhood, to my soul liberation  in Australia. But I am not going to dive deeply into the past, the Past stays in the Past. I want to walk us through in this finding my WAY TO FREEDOM as Beloved St. Germain pointed out. With Faith, Will and Love, anyone can do it, and more!

Since March 2021, I have started to write down many of my feelings, things that has been happening to/for me, strange sensations never experienced before, all sorts of new challenges that I cannot put a finger on, now I realize that all is part of the process to be here today. As a consequences, these are part of the information I am re-connecting here.

Then of course, since the day I joined the EGA, the 14 Rules study, The Awakening Book 1, the vastness of Discourses, and now I am finally settled enough to study also the Boot Camp and ‘I Am’ Authority courses, much information is from there. They are the important parts which give me guidance in contemplating and understanding of my ‘I Am’ Presence, of the reasons and purposes of this truly amazing journey. As if Portal after Portal is opening up, do I have the courage to make the move?

Even a sarcastic person and very much left brain logico thinker that I was, ‘I Am’ here to bow my head and acknowledge that: NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE, ALL HAPPANS FOR A REASON. ‘I AM’ IN GOD’S HAND!

My ‘I Am’ Presence has been most precious, this Book is Automatic Writing in progress in every moment. Thank you Beloved ‘I Am’ Presence, I love you eternally.

And So It is.



This is the Final version of the book : BECOMING LOTUS – WAY TO FREEDOM.

Which main purpose is to present the PETITION FOR VESTA SUN LIGHT RADIATION CENTRE.

In the meantime, this website is an ongoing process with new information and updates. So far, I have only taken a tiny Baby step toward this journey…. We are writing the FUTURE always, and ALL WAYS.

Blessings Always

Akata Sun Light

For Further reading and details of the book: Becoming Lotus – Way to Freedom

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