2nd Correspondence with Peter

18-07-2021 Beloved Sister,

I have now read all the thread emails on the forum and can offer some contributions relating the sharing.

So I guess we can continue this conversation there if you wish!

I will share more about your intended property and can tell you in advance that the Latitude that has been mentioned relates to no other location at this time other than our First Radiation Centre awaiting Development in the Grand Teton Ranges.  So you property being on or close to the Michael Line is just as important.  I can also tell you that if this is what you are to attain and develop there can be no doubts as to your Vision.  However, to make it happen you must begin to place a far greater definition on what you wish to see?  When you see condos and apartments to make money, even in their present state you are confusing the Universal Energies and thus negating or diminishing the potentialities.  You must also be able to define and refine why this shall be for the Children, what Children and who will be given the Responsibilities to become their Guardians!

While your vision/s remain wavy and unclear nothing can happen, the be concerned of how it will manifest will also diminish the potentials for it will not be you who should say how the money should come or how it should be developed.  This is all about working directly with one’s I Am Presence and the Masters who shall come to Over light the Project!.

I am also going to say to you, which comes down to Cosmic Law.  If this is what you desire to do, it shall be your Responsibility first of all to Prepare and Present a Petition to the Karmic Board to get Their Approval for this to take place.  Unless we humans do this, ANY Creation shall only become a human creation, and more likely than not a miscreation that will only create flaws, misdirection and any number of additional imbalances or problems to overcome.  Without your Own Divine Intervention whereby your Own ego-personality becoming more greatly infused with your, I Am Presence then only resistance will continue to take place with a greater probability that it will be a very short-lived exercise and project.

With the Intensity of the Energies coming in today any misaligned thought forms that have not been qualified with the Higher Attitudes and Knowledge of the God Intelligence then no Rights Application can be attained. 

I am attaching here a Discourse by Pallas Athena that may offer some assistance at this time.

If you KNOW that this property is what you will be given to Honour your Divine Path, then I would invite you to Claim this Property as your Divine Plan.  In other words, Call Upon Your I AM Presence and the Higher God Intelligence to place a Caveat over this property now to give you time to prepare your Petition and Present it to the Karmic Board for Approvals and Permissions.

You are free to choose if this Guidance is what you shall follow, that is your own free will.  But to become part of the EGA’s Divine Plan we must follow the Cosmic Laws that will Guarantee that any undertaking for and on behalf of this Divine Plan shall remain Eternal and Flow in Accordance With Divine Love and the Purity of the Cohesive Power of Divine Love.

You may feel a little overwhelmed by this information, but I can assure you Dear Soul, that if you were not ready or have the ability to do this RIGHT NOW, you would not be here being able to receive such details about Working Directly with the Divine Flow of Source Energy.  Just remember that every human thought not Qualified with the ‘I AM’ Presence can only create resistance and obstacles to overcome.  Easy in words but not so easy in action.  The ego is not readily in agreement to follow Cosmic Law, but the Opportunities to do so are right there with us if one is Truly ready to make the sacrifices in choices that will override all human conscious interference in their New God Creations.

And these changes come when one Aligns with their Own Inner Higher Self First! Does all this make sense?

As you have already made this a Forum thread I feel to copy this response on the Forum will invite help with the thread of contributions to see why finding and developing the New Radiation Sites are so difficult to attain from a human perspective.

Please share with me personally again if feel the desire to do so.

22-09-2021 Dear Peter,

Today as many of our study group brothers and sisters are mentioning the Adam Kadmon, I take it as a sign that I should make myself heard regarding the project of Radiation Centre in Italy.

I have been working internally and clearing my mind of this project. And I am saying that I am firmer on my intention than ever.

In this past few days, there were different occasions where I was brought to review my Path this year, not only regarding the Rules study, but also how I was stumbled upon the EGA for mistake (so to speak).

There are so many occasions that I cannot deny Our Father and Mother God  are watching over me, sending me love and light where darkness reign.

I am almost ready, and I am intended to submit my plan on 26th Oct when we finished the study, just 7 days after my birthday. I never paid attention to my birthday, but when one starts to pay attention…..

Dearest Peter,

Here I am, today 29th Sept, I am sending you the first draft of the project. 

I have written (I am sure) with the assistance and guidance of my Higher Self, as ‘I Am Presence’ has been giving me many suggestions and indications in the last few days.

Then again, I am sure many areas can be improved or changed. Please tell me without any hesitation. 

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