Family Constellation Charts

Have you ever wondered what Star Connections you have with your spouse, children, parents, and/or sibling?


Have you ever felt that some person in your life such as friends or colleagues are someone you have ‘MET’ somewhere before, but can’t quite name it?

If you would like to find out this connection before engaging into the Deep Dive Family Tree Package below, you could start here by ordering Family Constellation Charts reading. From your Birth Charts, we can work out the connections that you have with your love ones.

Written report only, will include your soul colors, the star connections, in which timelines, etc.

In case you decide to order Family Tree Package Galactic Astrology Charts Reading later on with the persons that you are interested in; the cost will be deducted from total amount.

An example could be Mother and Child Euro 222.00 x 2 Persons = 444.00 – 88.00 paid = 356.00 Euro.

Family Tree Galactic Astrology Package

Special Attention to our Future Generation!


I truly believe, the future of our children should be one of the main purposes in using Astrology. We are already walking into the New Erthe, the New Paradigm. By paying special attention to the Galactic Astrology Birth Charts of these children. We, as parents/educators/guardians can get better understanding of many aspects:

  • the education system and environment
  • the type of community, city or urban living?
  • what are their energetic Blueprints?
  • the future that we can co-create with them, through them
  • we as adults, what do I need to learn and pay attention?


Both packages included comprehensive written report and 1 hour zoom meeting (for each person):

Reports are available in English, Italiano, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 , Simplified Chinese 简体中文

For more details, instructions, and appointments, please contact us.

To understand more about the New Generations, their energetic blueprints, we recommand these 2 videos below:

For more details, instructions, and appointments, please contact us.