Galactic Ambassadors Podcast # 38 Akata Vesta

Beloved Souls, Here is my interview with Julia Balaz and Ursula O’Farrell as a Certified Practitioner. Not only we talked about Galactic Astrology. We also chatted about my awakening journey from Australia, my Esoteric background, a past life that related to the I Ching. I have also described how I bring my clients into SpaceContinue reading “Galactic Ambassadors Podcast # 38 Akata Vesta”

Astrology week 15th May to 21st May

You can’t just make this stuff up! Heart and Soul that come together! Comet Jacques, the Heart & Soul © Michael Jäger… #GalacticAstrology #quantumsoulguidance #karmicrelationships#akasha#souljourney M A R S I N L EO The Generous Lion meets the Warrior! When Mars transits Leo to put in some work for the Sun, there is oneContinue reading “Astrology week 15th May to 21st May”

Astrology Week 8th – 14th May

Neptune, the Mystic! Forever veiling behind mystery! No wonder the clearest vision of it’s RING is so VEILED James Webb Telescope Captures ‘Clearest View’ of Neptune’s Rings in Decades More: #GalacticAstrology #quantumsoulguidance #souljourney #Neptune#mystic This Mercury Retrograde finally ends in 72 hours. This marks the beginning of your rebirth. 2023 started tough & stagnant,Continue reading “Astrology Week 8th – 14th May”

Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

This is the Wesak Moon, the birthday of the Buddha. In Theosophy, it is when the Buddha and Christ energies combine to Bless the Earth and humanity. Meditate at this exact moment, and we can be there in Shangri-la. The Scorpio FM eclipse has Uranus = Saturn/Pluto midpoint picture in the background. So much isContinue reading “Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse”

New energies in new moon in Aries 21st March 2023

Sun and Moon at zero 0’ degree of Aries, with Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron. First day of astrological new year together with Spring Equinox, highly creative, super charge, perfect for setting things up, bringing fresh energy in your life. Best time to take action. Aries as a cardinal Fire sign, encourage us to take initiative,Continue reading “New energies in new moon in Aries 21st March 2023”

Venus in Taurus 16th March – ARE YOU IN LOVE?

Venus in Taurus 16th March – 11th April – ARE YOU IN LOVE? Venus moved into Taurus on 16th March and stays until 11th  April. Venus is the planet of fun, hope, pleasure. The planet of love, touch, joining Taurus with the luscious creativity in earthy energy. Taurus as a Fixed sign, providing the safetyContinue reading “Venus in Taurus 16th March – ARE YOU IN LOVE?”