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The Rose of Venus #02 Lizz Grace

Fashio Designer – Fire Spinning  Mythology This is Akata, thank you so much for joining me in today in this new series –  The Rose of Venus. Our special guest is Lizz Grace. “I am an astrologer, fashion designer and artist. Though, in reality that is really only scratching at the surface of who I…

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New Modality Offers

Galactic Astrology – Quantum Soul Guidance – Zoom only session Due to time sensitive, and waiting period, I have pondered upon that a new way to offer my service Quantum Soul Guidance. As I truly believe that the one-to-one zoom session is the best way to bring forward Divine Galactic messages, energy exchange, and healing.…

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Galactic Ambassadors Podcast # 38 Akata Vesta

Beloved Souls, Here is my interview with Julia Balaz and Ursula O’Farrell as a Certified Practitioner. Not only we talked about Galactic Astrology. We also chatted about my awakening journey from Australia, my Esoteric background, a past life that related to the I Ching. I have also described how I bring my clients into Space…

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Astrology Week 22nd May to 28th May

The best way to go through this weekend for me is self-care & stay on practical tasks. So I am going to the seaside, sunshine and beach, can’t beat that! . Have a wonderful weekend everyone The Sun is in Gemini and wants to do a million things, travel a million places — that whole…

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Blog Week 22nd May to 28th May

I have so much peace today surrounding my Being, after my father leaving this matrix world and me having had some physical un-ease! I am so so grateful for Love received so generously from many of you. Beloved Souls that you are! Deep gratitude . “You call out, ‘I am the lover’, but these are…

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Astrology week 15th May to 21st May

You can’t just make this stuff up! Heart and Soul that come together! Comet Jacques, the Heart & Soul © Michael Jäger… #GalacticAstrology #quantumsoulguidance #karmicrelationships#akasha#souljourney M A R S I N L EO The Generous Lion meets the Warrior! When Mars transits Leo to put in some work for the Sun, there is one…

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Blog Week 15th May to 21st May

The #Prague Astronomical Clock. The Medieval Clock Was Installed in 1410 And is Considered To Be The Oldest Operating Astronomical Clock In The World. on my bucket list. Hopefully I will go there before leaving Europe! Much blessings to you all and myself #quantumsoulguidance #GalacticAstrology #akasha#souljourney #future#astrology#karmicrelationships Love is knowing what you need. Hear, listen…

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The Rose of Venus

Hello dear souls, This is Akata, thank you so much for joining me. Today I would like to finally present myself, of the significant of my name Akata Vesta, my soul journey explains through Galactic Astrology, and finally I am so thrill to present to you a series of Podcast, which I call: the rose…

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Blog week 8th – 14th May 2023

My favourite quote: “I travel alone inside my head! ” Just so appropriate for how I feel most of the time! “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something…

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Astrology Week 8th – 14th May

Neptune, the Mystic! Forever veiling behind mystery! No wonder the clearest vision of it’s RING is so VEILED James Webb Telescope Captures ‘Clearest View’ of Neptune’s Rings in Decades More: #GalacticAstrology #quantumsoulguidance #souljourney #Neptune#mystic This Mercury Retrograde finally ends in 72 hours. This marks the beginning of your rebirth. 2023 started tough & stagnant,…

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Rouhaya Issa

Galactic Astrology – Quantum Soul Guidance session Every client, when come to us for the Quantum Soul Guidance session. It is always an incredible honor for us. We are being given the complete trust to work with their Higher Self. We all go through certain trauma, not only this incarnation, but many other life times…

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Venus in Cancer

Hello dear Souls, this is Akata Vesta, thank you for joining me in this podcast, which I am going to talk about Venus in Cancer from the 7th May, which stays for about 3 weeks. After the Lunar eclipse, we move through a big change with the emotional body, as Venus moves out of Gemini…

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Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

This is the Wesak Moon, the birthday of the Buddha. In Theosophy, it is when the Buddha and Christ energies combine to Bless the Earth and humanity. Meditate at this exact moment, and we can be there in Shangri-la. The Scorpio FM eclipse has Uranus = Saturn/Pluto midpoint picture in the background. So much is…

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Beloved souls, Some asked me what is really Galactic Astrology? To simply put, Galactic Astrology is a reading where we trace our Soul Origin through Time and Space! Where our Souls started the journey. Maybe from a Black Hole, from other Constellations, or Fixed Stars! Here I would only say how I approach my reading…

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Dear souls, It is such a pleasure for me to share with you that I have just become a Certified Practitioner of Galactic Astrology – Quantum Soul Guidiance on 04-04-2023. There are many that have given their unconditional support during this journey. With this occasion, I would like to celebrate it with you a Testimony…

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Dear souls, I am so proud to share with you this beautiful testimonial received from Jewels Maloney, a Professor at the Atlantic University, which founded by Edgar Cayce. Jewels is such an exquisite and highly spiritual person, to have opportunities to be of service and exchange our learning is an incredible honor for me. I…

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Be Gentle

If I ever let you to walk in my world! Remember, be gentle! Be gentle with my Soul, As I have dedicated my Life to disentangle all chains! Be gentle with my Heart, It is fragile, been broken, handle with care! Be gentle with my Body, It thirsts for loving touches. Be respectful with the…

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Aries New Moon

This is such a busy and important week astrologically speaking. Mercury in Aries, Mars in Gemini, both call for action, making the decision, be spontaneous. Dip into the creativity energy of Saturn in Pisces. The action now will have long lasting effect, as Aries is going to have 2nd New Moon in the Eclipse season…

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New energies in new moon in Aries 21st March 2023

Sun and Moon at zero 0’ degree of Aries, with Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron. First day of astrological new year together with Spring Equinox, highly creative, super charge, perfect for setting things up, bringing fresh energy in your life. Best time to take action. Aries as a cardinal Fire sign, encourage us to take initiative,…

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Venus in Taurus 16th March – ARE YOU IN LOVE?

Venus in Taurus 16th March – 11th April – ARE YOU IN LOVE? Venus moved into Taurus on 16th March and stays until 11th  April. Venus is the planet of fun, hope, pleasure. The planet of love, touch, joining Taurus with the luscious creativity in earthy energy. Taurus as a Fixed sign, providing the safety…

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The Map of Love

I heard the wind whispering, sweet Mother sounds so smoothing, Let me hold you within my arms, little desert flower! Dreaming I was forever running, being chased by invisible Being! Locked myself inside a house, no one should dare to open this flood gate! Till I heard the whispering sound again… Someone is calling out…

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What’s more can be taken away!

Down on my knees, seeing everything being stripped away! Like an onion peeled down to its core, So transparent, vanish without a  trace. Back to the tiny cell where I came from, So ultimately along, so weightless, I hold myself tight, to keep away darkness inside. Dancing in the Void until the next moment comes.…

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Soul Sisters

Dear Sisters, For the first post of the year, I would like to dedicate to you, my dear sisters from the Past, Present and Future. Since 2020, the journey of Awakening in the last 3 years, there is you Beloved J, from the very first day of me joining Brother DK study. Your Presence is…

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A Pond, emotion runs deep. Throw a rock if you want, a pond just receives it with grace, Down to the bottom, no trace to find. A Pond, emotion runs deep. Swim if you like; a pond will support you with love, Flow effortlessly, in sacred sanctuary. A Pond, emotion runs deep. Comes rain or…

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The Key

From Mother and Father, We gave you the key , You sought not sacred wisdom, But to open your heart! Tonight you are overwhelmed with emotion, The beauty of being HUMAN! Handle yourself with great gentleness. Sleep now, rest with the protection and care of your Dragon, Settling  deep into the Violet Flame Crystal Chair.…

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Everyday Hero 14′

This Week’s 12-18 Nov Submission Showcase on The Writers Club Gene Key 14 Compromise – Competence – Bounteousness “Life is filled with outer compromises. To live without outer compromises would involve a huge selfishness. The inside is where the gold lies hidden, to learn how to overcome our selfish tendencies to compromise our higher self,…

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Into the Future

Written for WDYS prompt 7 Nov 2022 Thank you Daddy be my Guardian, Guardian of my growing space, Space to try thousand colour, Colour my body with experience, Experience may make me laugh and cry, Cry on your shoulder until you hear me giggle, Giggle my way into the future, Thank you Daddy always by…

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Hermit 43

I Am a Hermit inside my head. In the sea of people, I walk along for hours not be disquieted! Nothing to share even to those I love most! In the middle of nowhere, With whom to share my silly thoughts? To whom to entwine my fingers with? Walking bare foot on soft grass, Laying…

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“Brain” People – Will vs Love

I have a friend since the day in Australia. He was the person who walked me down the aisle , gave my hand to my now ex-husband. A person so intelligent and intriguing, I could listen to him for hours. Mostly because I loved him so profoundly. With time, he disappeared into his own thoughts,…

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Mother Gaia

I am your Mother On Earth, with you Father in Heaven. I gave birth to this land, to nurture you with my Love. Once your heart beat together with mine. Until the date you walked away. The falling of angels, you believe you are the owner on Earth! You rape this land with your activities and…

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In the silent hour, Diving deep into the sea, Swimming with imagination, You were there by my side. Longing for your Presence, Searching deep in abyss, Flowing through me the touch of your fingers, Praying for union NOW. 22 10 2022 The Rose of Venus 8 year cycle I was at a beloved sister’s home,…

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10-10 Portal and the 4 Elements

This post is dedicated to those of you who have joined me today on the 10 10 Portal, and the Birthing of the Vesta Flame Sanctuary. I Am blessed by your Presences, by your love and support. Archangel Michael was the first to come in the morning, which has such a calming effect in my…

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Come, and join me in this BECOMING LOTUS journey from the illusionary world (the muddy pond) to see the light, to find the way home, to BE simply of who ‘I Am’  (the Lotus flower).

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