~ Using Astrology in Every Aspect of your Life ~

Akata Vesta is my name. Akata, a name that I received from my Arcturus Past/Present/Future Self. Vesta, from my Esoteric background, with the blessing by Godmother Vesta – The Central Sun. This is my privilege to hold the sacred flame in, through and around me.


As an Intuitive, with an opened heart, I communicate with the other side of the Veil, the Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters and Archangels. May this be the gift that I can bring you assistance in your SOUL journey.

~ The Way of the Heart ~

Lotus Flower

As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water, and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled.

So, I, born in the world, raised in the world, having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.

~ Buddha ~

~ The Gift from the Spirit ~

Where do we come from?

With the Galactic Astrology – Quantum Soul Healing sessions, I AM looking forward to assist you in finding your TRUE ORIGIN from the STARS!

We can only move forward by knowing the Past!

~ Be the Guiding Light that You Are ~



Astro Reading

From Soul’s colors, Akashic reading, to deep dive of your Galactic Origins, Family Constellation Charts, Relocation Analysis

Holistic Healing

From Japanese Usui Reiki, Body Scan, Breathe Works, to Guided Meditations.

Content Management

From web-site development to social media management. Analysis of your current performance / content, and possible solutions.

Special Attention

Family Constellation Charts and Future Generation

My specialization in Family Constellation charts, with particular attention to the New Generation. We can obtain much guidance for our children through the understanding of their Natal charts.

Relocation Charts

If you have relocated to a new country, or is planning to do so. You may wonder why it seems to be a total new life? You are not the same person as before?

~ The Visioning of a Brighter World Together ~

Reports are available in English, Italiano, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 , Simplified Chinese 简体中文

For more details, instructions, and appointments, please contact us.


The Flame of Justice,
The Flame of Protection,
The Flame of Warmth,
The Flame of Love,
The Flame Illuminates the Darkness, Within and Without,
The Flame Overlooks the New Erthe for the New Children
Mother Vesta is here for YOU,
Please Come and Receive this Gift with Your Pure Heart, and Pure Intent!

akata vesta
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