Beloved Guardians of the Vesta Flame, Lightworkers, Starseeds,

Before you enter and explore this sacred space, I would kindly invite you to meditate with the below Vesta Flame mantra to embrace Mother Vesta flame inside your hearts.


The Flame of Justice,
The Flame of Protection,
The Flame of Warmth,
The Flame of Love,
The Flame Illuminates the Darkness, Within and Without,
The Flame Overlooks the New Erthe for the New Children
Mother Vesta is here for YOU,
Please Come and Receive this Gift with Your Pure Heart, and Pure Intent!

akata vesta

When I first set up this website for the book: Becoming Lotus – Way to Freedom, I would have never thought that a Second book, is on the making during the journey of the Light Program Activations. And now, it seems there is more to come.

While the book: Way to Freedom is concentrated on the process how I come to understand my Soul Purpose, the connection with the Universe, Mother Gaia, and the Petition of the Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre.

The second book: The Lost Words given a step further into the Soul Purpose, of what to preserve and rediscover from our past wisdom, and bring it into the New Erthe. So that we will no longer be a planet popular with ‘LOST MEMORIES’. The LOST WORDS, is exactly that, I Am, and I Will try my best in learning/remembering the LIGHT LANGUAGE. Making connection between I Ching (64 Gua), Gene Keys (64 Keys), the Keys of Enoch (64 Keys).

On Introduction of the Keys of Enoch, it is what it is written:

According to Enoch, the ancient expressions of the Egyptian-Hebrew-Tibetan-Sanskrit-Chinese tongues are to be used, because they faithfully connect with the Masters who are still administrating Wisdom to this program of intelligence. These ‘sounds of Light,’ used in laying the foundation of the present program, will figure predominantly in the recapitulation of this program now at its Omega point.

The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch

The Third Book – Swallow Sky is about listening to our Inner Voice, our ‘I Am’ Presence. So much Beauty in our word, catching each special moment and letting it guide us, flow with it.

When we let ourselves to go into contemplation, messages will come through……

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    I am your Mother On Earth, with you Father in Heaven. I gave birth to this land, to nurture you with my Love. Once your heart beat together with mine. Until the date you walked away. The falling of angels, you believe you are the owner on Earth! You rape this land with your activities and … More Mother Gaia