ST GERMAIN – Maltese Cross

What Beloved ST GERMAIN says regarding Maltese Cross:

Greetings Dear Ones, Radiant Flames of My Heart, I See You, I Hear You One and All! !  And ‘I AM’ Here, not there, but Here, Here at the Nexus of that Cross of White Fire, The Maltese Cross, Here where Time and Space Meet and Cancel each other out.  Here ‘I AM’ in the Heart of Infinity.  The Centre of the Cross, Where the Divine Spark Is, There Too Is Infinity.  Therefore, I Greet You All this day of Valentine, the Infinite One and As Infinite Ones, One times One times One, Ever the Infinite One.  Therefore, Let the Great Circle of Our Oneness and Our Divine Love cancel out all division, all misunderstanding, all ignorance, and every false testimony as in the case of the blind men and the elephant, all giving varied reports of the same spectacle but never arriving at the point of Reality that is the Heart: The Heart Reality!

The Symbol of the Maltese Cross is Perfect Balance of the God Flame, as in Heaven so on Earth, it provides a thought and energy matrix whereby the ill effects of personal and Planetary karma can be brought under the control and the Power of the Divine Virtues released in Their Place, and mankind’s Perfect Use of these Powers might no longer corrupt life upon Earth.

I Call You All to that Point then, the Centre of the Cross, for Centred in Your Heart, which is becoming My Heart day by day, you are beginning to See All Things as They Are.  And so I say to you all,

No Longer Seek Further That Which Is Seen,

Rather Seek ONLY Now, That Which Is Unseen!

For the True Viewpoint or Appraisal of Wisdom, Anointed with Christ Love, Enfired with the Will-to-be All that God Is, and Blessed with the Purity of the Mother’s Love and Joy, what else can there be out of this than the Crystal Prism, The Diamond Heart?  I See Your Perspective of Freedom as Peter has shared in The Petition; ‘We Come to you today to say to You, We Have Found Our Freedom’ and so I Come to Give You Another Behold, I Make All Things New by the Flame of the Heart, by the Vision of the Heart, by the Wisdom of the Heart, that is the Endless Stream of the Endless Source.  O My Beloveds, Brothers and Sisters ‘I AM’ Come, and ‘I AM’ Joyous To Be Here, Joyous to Bask in the Light of Godfather Helios and Godmother Vesta and your own Hearts’ Dear Ones for your Valiant and Noble Work throughout the Introductory Class and Petition.

These Too Shall Pass!

I say to You All, May You Pass Every Test Beloved Hearts!  I wish to share this with You today also, in My Grand Teton Retreat, this ‘May You Pass Every Test’, is the Salutation upon meeting and parting, not ‘God Bless You’.

I Am going to speak with you all in the New Class, when you are ready to begin again, about the use of the Maltese Cross, for you must have a True Depth of this Knowledge and what it represents.  For example,  it must be recognized that when the energy-action descended from God to man through the Upper Arm in White, narrowing through the funnel to flow into the Crucible of Being, The Heart Centre, at the Point of the Cross, it passes through the Nexus as Power, Wisdom and Love in the World of Material Form.  Hence We return back to the Mind Powers of the Virtues of Christed Consciousness.

These tests are the most important ones to have attained within My Alchemical Class, yet if I give you a task to Precipitate, then Know this is not a test to Qualify your worthiness, but an actual exercise to show that you have understood the Laws of Precipitation.  To be able to KNOW you can, when required, not for vanity of personal gain or even Proof, but in Service.  How will you ever Know the Power of your Service if you do not know the strengths and weaknesses within that Service.  Trust then that when the time comes and I say to you, do this exercise, Precipitate this or that, it is not for the fun of it, it will have Divine Purpose and Will behind the Instruction.  There will be no need to Qualify anything.  ‘I AM’ Your Qualification, in such Instructions and this Training!  I know what is in Every Heart, so if you are not ready, I will Know before you!  And We shall not extend any exercise any further than that of your own willingness, Knowledge, Divine Virtues or Capabilities or Control.

I cannot bring myself to reduce any of these words, all is planted inside my heart.

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