My visit to the Property

I have been to this property only 5 times in the last 15 years, which 3 times in this year since the Vision. Every time my feeling getting ever stronger. Maybe I can express better with photos. It has been quite awhile that through the camera lens, I see details / messages where human eyes can’t detect!

The first time I went there on my own: 

What do we have here, a desolate place, tall grass, abandon to it’s destiny. In 15 years, all sorts of little problems keep coming up in the restructure project , every times it seems that it can be sold then the buyers gone missing! Basic restructuring worked were done to prevent total collapse! So this place is there sit waiting…. waiting for What?

Yet, I was called to this place to ‘HAVE A LOOK’ just week before I received the Vision!

“Thanks to the Vivifying and Organizing Powers I HOLD, you will find throughout the Cosmos an Infinity of Dwelling-Places, either occupied or awaiting ‘the arrival of New Souls’. These New Horizons of Space Systems are Colonized by Migrants from previously establish places or Worlds, all going back Ultimately to a Single Original Centre of the Soul-Program or the Master-Program.”   

Lord Melchizedek  04 ENACA

Sent my first proposal on 29th Sept 2021.

The Second Visit:

8th Oct, I went back to the property again, and I have left a Stone which I found from the mountain of Sacro San Michele (Torino),  I have a habit in collecting stones, especially if it is Heart shape.

Where I asked AA Michael protection of this place. While I was doing Meditation, the energy was really high. I can feel a current going up from my feet up, up, up. I am getting more acquainted with the place, placing the stone there written with prayer, ‘I Am’ confirming my determination and ‘Authority’ over this place, spiritually.

With this opportunity, I have send forth my commitment to the 7 Elohim:

Mighty Elohim Prayer of Invocation

Mighty Elohim Prayer of Invocation – Akata

“Beloved Mother Father God, Almighty I Am Presence, Holy Spirit; Dear Jesus The Christ in Me, Bestow and Grant unto me in this Eternal Instant, Your Love and Light,  for I Am Your Son/Daughter as You Created Me!

“I Am Showered with Your Love, Wisdom and Power. I Am Bathed in Your Guidance and Direction, Your Upliftment and Enlightenment for the greatest potential growth of my Soul at every Moment. Do not limit my expansion Oh Lord, for I Am That I Am and cannot be limited to a single dimensional realm. Bring forth all remaining lessons for me to complete so My Soul can return back to the Wholeness You Are!

“I call upon the Seven Mighty Elohim to surround me and sit upon the Alter of My Heart, the very Core of My Being endowing me with Your Divine Virtues and Attributes so that I may Create Instantaneous That which is My Desire, that which God’s Desire for me to create for My Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit.

“Come Forth Beloved Hercules and Amazonia, and Bless Me with Your Power to make firm and instantaneous decisions for each of the Creations that God Desires to manifest through me. Grace me with the WILL TO DO THY WILL! Help me with prayerful thoughts for the application to set the Seven Steps of Precipitation into motion. Support me by enveloping me with your Enthusiasm and Feelings of Joy tobring them forth. Hold steady my Mental Body so that I truly hold GOD’S WILL, The Will To Do, the Will To Be within My Supreme Mind.

“Mighty Cassiopea and Minerva come forth and show me the PERCEPTION and the Perfectly Clear Picture, the ILLUMINATION of the Desires That God Wills for Me. I wish to know the best, most simple and most efficient ways of bringing such Creations forth for the GREATEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

“May The Flame of Beloved Orion and Angelica, imbue me with Your Love to make manifest His Desires. I Will To Create in PERFECTION and so Your Love will show me the way to do this.

“Beloved Claire and Astrea Envelope me in your PERFECT PURITY, so that I can fully embrace the exact design and instruction of GOD’S IDEA. Show me Dear Ones how not to change any of the Divine Patterns with selfish desire or unconscious self  motivation.

“Almighty Vista and Crystal Empower me with the confidence and ability to hold the CONCENTRATION to see GOD’S DESIRED CREATION through me to be Wholly fulfilled and completed.

“Elohim Arcturus and Diana charge me with Your RHYTHM so that I may regularly and diligently perform my task.

“Oh Beloved Peace and Aloha come to me and surround me with your PEACE, Harmony and Joy and embed, enfold and embrace GOD’S DESIRED CREATION through Me with these qualities so that HIS CREATION will not deteriorate, fail, fall

apart, become incomplete or be opposed by negative energies and when complete remain so, for as long as it is prescribed by The Will of God. SEAL AND PROTECT GOD’S CREATION through Me with Your PEACE AND LOVE! Bless You All with My Loving Heart!

I Am That I Am! – And So It Is!

The 2nd draft was send a few days before the visit.

The 3rd visit:

Surprise, surprise, look what I found this time. Never been to the inside of the Villa, or better, never have enough sunlight to see the internal clearly. And once again, the natura talks to me through the camera lens:

(You can read the email reply from Peter regarding both the Maltese Cross and Rainbow Rot on email correspondence on 31-10- 2021)

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