願榮光歸香港 Glory to Hong Kong 2019 – 香港狂想曲 Hong Kong Rhapsody 2019

On the book of Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, where I have discovered many aspects of my past. One mission of this Reincarnation, is to SPEAK, to make MY VOICE / OUR VOICES HEARD. May this Prayer open up the Road ahead for me, for you, for everyone who has been silent for eons of lifetimes.

The Opening of the Mouth

“in Oneness with our Christ – Magdalena sisters and brothers and with the Councils of Light under the auspices of the Divine Mother – Father, we wish to initiate what the Egyptian alchemists call:


“It is time for what has been silenced to be heard.

It is enough!

It is enough!


Why Way To Freedom?

In 2019, my country of origin Hong Kong, has gone through one of its most traumatic period, politically and socially. For many like me, who has been living under the Matrix’s spell, enjoying this vibrant city offers unlimited materials, luxury, possibilities, inside the Bubble of Illusion, all needs seems to be perfectly provided!

Then come 2008 the Yellow Umbrella Revolution, 2019 Mass Protests with one third of the population on the streets! This for me, has been the long awaited wake up call, not necessary Spiritually, but certainly Politically. Since then, my heart ached in a way I could hardly breath, seeing many Young people risking their future, their Lives for the idea of Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty. Their bravery and dedication was an inspiration for many thousand to follow.

From there, I wanted to understand more, simply checking on daily news was absolutely not Enough! So I have dedicated my time in bringing our situation to a more international basis. And setting up a new web-site www.waytofreedomhk.com, I wanted to record all events, every crime committed by the police, or the government, the CCP!

In short, I was reaching to a bigger picture, from Hong Kong to the CCP, to the connection with the UK, and the USA, the EU… all are involved in this little city’s Drama! What has been happening in this little City in the past 10 years is also happening right NOW in your countries! The erosion of Liberty, and the STATEITISM! When your State decide for you if you are Healthy enough to BREATHE FREELY! Does it make YOU any different from SLAVES!

After covering the international relation, then something call the Cabal came into my knowledge! From there, where one can go? The Cabal, the Dark Force, seems all so Powerful, impossible to Defeat!

Surrender is simply out of the question!

Is there a bigger force from Above? For someone never has any religion believe, where can I go from there?




In the meantime, there was that inner voice calling me to sit still, to find peace, leave the outer world to the outer world, maybe there is more of me than I ever have allowed myself to considered!

Who was there talking inside my head? Why I was having this vibration all through my body, my head? Why I was seeing all kinds of strange visions inside my head?

In May 15, I joined the Rule study and the EGA, the rest is history.  These word WAY TO FREEDOM has been my mantra pushing forward for a brighter day, my little mind was only thinking of the freedom for the people of Hong Kong, never would have thought that I would embark in this Spiritual Journey. Freedom has taken up a new meaning, a new dimension, and a new Consciousness.

Fast forward to Boot Camp study, for some reasons doubt and fear swelled up inside me that day, I cooked, I ate something, I watched video, just to postpone the time back to study! When  I was finally back to recording the lesson, doubt and fear ringing even louder inside my mind.

Alas, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB. Part 7 page 3:

‘the Great ‘I Am’ Presence has pushed back the doors of doubt and fear, and over you is written in Gold Light, “YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM”’

WAY TO FREEDOM!!! Freedom that I have been seeking!!!

Is it a coincidence? You are kidding me Beloved St. Germain?

I DO NOT THINK SO!!! (Do you see me laughing?)

 So here we are, I am using this title once again, to present my WAY TO FREEDOM, my WAY to become an instrument of God to carry out the Plan. All leads to the Precipitation of the New Radiation Centre in Italy.

For the moment, it might seems all about ME. It is my responsibility to present the Petition to the Karmic Board, and I am oblige to demonstrate my commitment and Spiritual Readiness to assume such important Honour. It is not my project for it is not a Human Project, one thing I am here to make very clear, this Project will only Go Forward for the Greater Good of All, for the New Children according to the Plan. Not for my personal Ego, Not for my personal Gain. I must at the same time be very careful of the Ego Self plays game, the Spiritual Glamour as explained by Brother Djwhal Khul and Saint Germain.

I move forward together with God’s Blessings and support by Ascended and Unascended Beings, together with you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

In the Book ‘Brotherhood – A Call To Service’ by Joseph Benner, The ‘I AM’ Presence says;

“When a Message comes containing an opportunity for Real Service, and disclosing a Real Plan and a Real Work for the helping of your brothers; not some vague high sounding ideal, but a Definite Practical Work that your Soul recognizes, and your Heart leaps toward in glad response; know that such response is My Voice calling you to the Work I have been preparing you for, and you need not question or doubt, for your Soul Commands you to Obey.”

Lady Pallas Athena:

“When an individual or a group comes to a certain point of development and at the same time a Cosmic Moment is struck in the history and evolution of a planet or system, the  governing board of the Spiritual Hierarchy Presents to possible Servers the Plan, the Vision and the Part which each one, individually or collectively as Part of that group, may play in the world scene.” ……

As the wise director carefully casts the members of his or her play, so does the Director of the Cosmic Scene Carefully Designate those who might effectively further the Divine Plan through the world of form. Then, voluntarily, the individual Soul or ego may accept or reject the Opportunity to Serve, although he or she is fully aware that through this

service he or she may achieve his or her own Eternal Freedom.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is a Project for those who hearts sing with joy to come, to participate, to co-create with God the new Heaven for the New Children of the New Erthe.

Updated 30th Decembre, 2021

After finished the above section, I went to bed directing my intention to visit the Royal Teton Retreat.

I was having a hard time as my Crown Chakra was vibrating intensely. During the half sleep half awaken stage, this phrases came to me:

New Year 2022

Today 1st January, 2022, my Prayer to Mother and Father God.

01-01-2022 Prayer

Beloved Mother/Father God, hear me. Today is the first day of the year, this is the first year I consciously acknowledge my relationship with you as the Daughter of the Sun.

Last year, I have been given this tremendous opportunity by you to open my Mind Eye and Heart to you, supported by Ascended masters, Angels and the many other Beings that I am only starting to make acquaintance with. Not that they haven’t been always around me to love me, it was Me, this little soul had been blinded by the 3D Matrix for so long….

At last, you have guided me step by step, in our linear time I would say it is far too long, 50 Years for every mortal Human is more than half of his/her lifetime. Yet, I know everything has been planned out perfectly, every experience from the day I was born  till today is simply perfect. Every experience is necessary and essential for me to be with you today, with my ‘I Am’ Presence. And ‘I Am’ intended to live a very long life until my Purpose is fully accomplished…..

Today, I have one more request. ‘I Am” to surrender my whole Being, my ‘Free Will’ to you, know that my ‘I Am’ Presence’s Will and Love is intended to carry our my Soul Purpose and Contract in this Reincarnation. I intend to give All I Have as All I Have is given by you, to the New Age the Heaven on Earth, especially to the New Children.

If, from time to time, my Ego Self tries to take control again, or the outer world try to pull me back into the Darkness, know that it is not my Will, and I ask Your intervention, to bring me back on Track. If I don’t understand at once, please keep showing it to me until I finally back to your Embrace again.

I know You understand me completely, and there is no need to say more than necessary.  My deep deep gratitude.

In Darkness I found the Light

‘I Am’ Your Eye,

‘I Am’ Your Ear,

‘I Am’ Your Hand,

‘I Am’ Your Mind.

Be Still and Know That ‘I Am’ God

Be Still and Know That ‘I Am’

Be Still and Know

Be Still


‘I Am’ That ‘I Am’


Akata Sun Light

With this prayer, it is time to make the connection how I come to be here with you, dear Brothers and Sisters, Ascended Masters, and many more. And how is this all related to the Petition!

Eagle and Dove

Birth Chart reading, a great way to understand oneself. Thanks to Beloved Sue and the Gene Keys, I do have much better understand of how I come this far.

Ponder On This

Here we are, automatic writing with the Half Sleep/Half Awaken, or Half Here/Half There stage! At least it is the way for me.

Remember ‘I Am’

I do believe, at the end of the day, it is not that important who we were in our past lives. We are here today, in this lifetime, in this reincarnation to do something very specific. To hold the light, is specific enough for me as a reason to be alive today.

Radiation Centre

As you can see, now this Web-site and Book are my new preparation for the Petition. It is not all about the Property in question, yes it is, but not all, the Material part but only a tiny part of the Petition.


The importance of Invocation and Prayers. Deep gratitude to the EGA members for always suggesting inspiring prayers.

Now I understanding what God is asking me. To be the Spiritual Self of my ‘I Am’ Presence. To see it with the eyes of God, where He/She can bring forth the Love they have for these new Children, where the Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts and many other will be able to walk among us unascended Human, together once again in a Peaceful Heaven/Erthe atmosphere, where respect to all kingdoms is a Reality, not long lost memories.

It is not Prove that our Mother/Father is asking me. It is the expression of Love, the commitment, and my understanding of this endeavor, the difficulties that I may face. Do I have the Faith to carry out this Plan!

Oh Mother, Father Life, ‘I Am’ here, ‘I Am’ surrendered completely, wholeheartedly to your guidance. Faith is all that is, and Faith it is.



Beloved Sue in her new Cosmic Overview Capricorn New Moon 2022, has given us more insight as to what we as Way showers, World Servers can rise up above the  old Paradigm, from the shadows to become the New Human, Co-Creator of the New World.

It has taken inner awareness, deep roots, and perseverance to stay centred and grounded over these many months, whilst maintaining an overview and witnessing all of the upheaval, fear and chaos as shadows rise and old safety nets fall away – to listen and to stay true to the guidance of our Soul as we go through this pivotal Initiatory period, which is birthing a quantum leap of consciousness.

From an esoteric viewpoint, the changes that are occurring externally are also occurring deep within the psyche and energetic of each individual. Saturn rules Capricorn at the personality and also at the Soul level of Consciousness – being both the Dweller on the Threshold and the Lord of Karma, for it is Saturn’s Ring Pass Not, that we meet when we wish to start a new cycle on a higher level of the evolutionary spiral.

 But as the individual progresses, over time and working with the higher levels of the three Rays which manifest through the Constellation of Capricorn, Initiation is undertaken. ‘Capricorn is most closely connected to the Third Initiation and flows with the 1st, 3rd and 7th Rays. This combination gives Capricorn the ability and strength to eliminate anything that has been previously created and bring about a new Form for the manifestation of the Plan.’

This year, the Sun and Moon are on 120 Capricorn 22 on Gene Key 38 known as The Warrior of Light moving through the Shadow of Struggle to the Gift of Perseverance to the Siddhi of Honour.

As we enter into 2022, may we, throughout this coming year, be the Way Showers and Examples that usher in Freedom, Liberation, and Far-Sightedness, upholding Truth and Honour, so that these Qualities may be magnetised and reflected into the Hearts and Minds of all Beings.

end of excerpt





Walk, in this lonely journey.

With ME shinning on you every moment.

Even when Darkness prevail,

I AM right beside you.

Never let you go.

Protected You Are, Loved You Are.

Blood Red Sky is your background.

Yet you walk.

Never look back.

Red as Blood, You Are One of Us.

Red to Yellow, is your Mother/Father Sun.

See with Your EYE, Hear with Your MIND, Feel with Your HEART.

Oneness Itself AM I,

Two Merge with One,

Three Minds Unite.

Inside Your Heart We live.

Welcome Home dear sweet Heart.

Smile, face each day.

Yes Dear Child.


Your Loving Mother


While I am writing these pages, dear Brother Michael has suggested the Violet Flame Meditation for the Temple of Freedom in January. Which I appreciate so much and started to use them on a daily basis. On the date of 15th January, the official date for Transmission of the Flame Service, we used another version, after which I came back to this vision here, simply by integrating the Breathing exercise in the last 15 minutes. Temple of Freedom, how appropriate, and such coincidence!

Violet Flame – Temple of Freedom St. Germain

Violet Flame usages

Name of Retreat:  Temple of Freedom

Retreat is open:  January 15 through February14, 2021

Location:  On the physical plane, in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania, Romania.

Hierarch:  Beloved Saint Germain, Chohan of the 7th Ray.

Primary Function of the Ray:  To stimulate and expand, in humankind, the desire for freedom.

more details here

The Pursuit of  TRUTH

Last night 25-01-2022, I don’t know where did I go, Teton Retreat, Temple of Freedom or somewhere else? The fact that I have much download, and as a consequences I have had a bad night of allergies, even today, it is still not subside….. I was up at 2.00 am and needed to dropped down a few notes then try to calm my skin, my inner self… all is fine, please don’t be afraid any longer. We can let the download happen naturally, without necessary going through this skin torture every time.

The issue in my mind was how one can assert the TRUTH in the process of awakening? How to discern information and knowledge acquired on the way? Ultimately, what, who should one trust?

I Am a Seeker of Truth,

I Am Observation of What Is!

And I will Leave no Stone Unturned

to Accept My Home coming!

Seek Only that Which is Unseen!

That Gift that I Am to All of Life!

I Am the Only Governing Power of My World!

I Am the All-Knowing, All-Powerful,

All-Encompassing Expression of God Life in Love In Action!

more details here….