Father Mother Life, you are my life, my constant support, my health, my protection, my perfect fulfilment of every need and my Highest Inspiration…

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Father Mother Life

You are my life, my constant support, my health, my protection ,y perfect fulfillment of every need and my highest inspiration.

I ask you to reveal the true Reality of Yourself to me. I know it is your

Will that I shall be fully illumined that I may better receive awareness of Your Presence within and around me. I believe and know that this is possible. I believe that you protect and maintain me within perfect LOVE. I know that my eventual purpose is to EXPRESS YOU.

As I speak to you, I know that you are perfectly receptive of me, for you are UNIVERSAL LVOING INTELLIGENCE which has so marvelously designed this world and brought it into visible form.

I know, that as I ask YOU to speak to me, I am sending out consciousness searchlight into your Divine consciousness and as I listen, YOU will be penetrating my human consciousness and coming ever closer to my increasingly receptive mind and heart.

I commit myself and my life into your care.

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I talk to our Mother / Father God, I talk very directly and straightforward. He / She fully understands who we are, our styles, our thinking, our feeling. And I am confident that it is Perfect that I talk simple. Luckily, in the EGA family and from books that I read, there are so many good prayers, invocations, contemplations…

When I find a prayer that really align with my feeling, instead of reading out loud, I love to record these prayers. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like using my voice during meditation. So, with the recording, even I do not speak, it is my voice playing anyway.

Here are a numbers of prayers that I have put in other pages in this Website, and/or prayers that I love most and using them almost on daily basis.