2022 New Year Prayer

Today 1st January, 2022, my Prayer to Mother and Father God.

01-01-2022 Prayer

Beloved Mother/Father God, hear me. Today is the first day of the year, this is the first year I consciously acknowledge my relationship with you as the Daughter of the Sun.

Last year, I have been given this tremendous opportunity by you to open my Mind Eye and Heart to you, supported by Ascended masters, Angels and the many other Beings that I am only starting to make acquaintance with. Not that they haven’t been always around me to love me, it was Me, this little soul had been blinded by the 3D Matrix for so long….

At last, you have guide me step by step, in our linear time I would say it is far too long, 50 Years for every mortal Human is more than half of his/her live time. Yet, I know everything has been planned out perfectly, every experience from the day I was born  till today is simply perfect. Every experience is necessary and essential for me to be with you today, with my ‘I Am’ Presence. And ‘I Am’ intended to live a very long life until my Purpose is fully accomplished…..

Today, I have one more request. ‘I Am’ to surrender my whole Being, my ‘Free Will’ to you, know that my ‘I Am’ Presence’s Will and Love is intended to carry our my Soul Purpose and Contract in this Reincarnation. I intend to give All I Have as All I Have is given by you, to the New Age the Heaven on Earth, especially to the New Children.

If, from time to time, my Ego Self tries to take control again, or the outer world try to pull me back into the Darkness, know that it is not my Will, and I ask Your intervention, to bring me back on Track. If I don’t understand at once, please keep showing it to me until I finally back to your Embrace again.

I know You understand me completely, and there is no need to say more than necessary.  My deep deep gratitude.

In Darkness I found the Light

‘I Am’ Your Eyes,

‘I Am’ Your Ears,

‘I Am’ Your Hands,

‘I Am’ Your Mind.

Be Still and Know That ‘I Am’ God

Be Still and Know That ‘I Am’

Be Still and Know

Be Still


‘I Am’ That ‘I Am’


Akata Sun Light

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