Flying Over The Canyons – Frederic Delarue

What the Elementals, Devas, and Angelic Hosts are telling us beyond our physical eyes!

Do you see anything particular in this photo? It was taken in August 2021 in a tiny fishing town in the Brittany, North of France, called Le Conquet.

The Elements, Devas, Angelic Hosts, Ascended Masters and many others talk to us through all kinds of medium. For me, I have started to see ‘strange effects’ on photos… I learn to pay more attention, of what normally would call ‘bad’ photos! And sometimes, I feel the Sun or Breeze caressing my face… when I see flowers growing in places you would not expect…. only if we pay more attention to our environment, the Nature talks to us, Mother Gaia talks to us!

When we open our ‘Channel’ for communication, open our hearts to see, to hear, to feel the nature, then we suddenly not living in this 3D Matrix any longer. It has no power over us.

When my husband and I went from Italy to do the Michael Ley Line from Torino, Sacro San Michele, then up to France, Mont Saint Michel, round trip in Brittany, back to the South of France and back to Italy. It was one of the Best Trip in my life.

I learn to appreciate the Nature, to listen messages from the other side of the Veil, letting go of my personality, and leave it all up to our Father / Mother God guidance. Everything just turned out Perfect!

When we were in front of Mont Saint Michel, it was so cold, gloomy and windy. I couldn’t go in without the Green Pass, so I was meditating in front, in the dry land during low tide. While meditating, I felt Mother Vesta, a ray of light was beaming directly on me, right on my lap where I felt the warmth of Mother Vesta. In that moment, my husband and I were living in 2 difference Dimensions. Unfortunately, we are living in 2 difference Dimensions ever since!

Father, I see you!

Since this trip, a significant shift of consciousness has happened. I have found lost ‘memories’ and connection with the other side of the veil without knowing it.

Just as when I was doing the 14 Rules study, I couldn’t possibly say I have understood much! I will understand it in due time.

When we did the Automatic Writing during the last 4 days, it came to me at once.

Why? Deep inside me, I knew I was ready to make the connection! But I was too afraid to acknowledge it! Maybe that is one of the reasons why Visions come to me, so I am forced to face it squarely!

Many of the transmissions are integrated into other parts of this book, so here below I will only list the dates and sources without details. While in the web-site, you can find the full content according to each Sources: St. Germain, Djwhal Khul, Anna and the Family, Teton Retreat, Kuan Yin, Mother/Father Life, ‘I Am’ Presence, Archangel Michael, and Mixed.

This book is a constant AUTOMATIC WRITING!

I have more or less established a routine, where in the morning I will do a serious of Meditations. I would go into Violet Flame meditation, firstly by myself to clean and transmute my 4 lower bodies. Then I will go with one of the mediation such us by Beloved El Morya Morning Heart, Head and Hand meditation or some other provided by the EGA members, so I am fully protected with the Violet Flame and the White Fire Tube of Light. Then I will end with the Brother Djwhal Khul Ajna Centre Breathing meditation. As in the last 5 minutes, I am in a contemplation stage in pondering the 4 words: Stability, Serenity, Strength, and Service… Sometimes I found the connection already with one of the Masters. If the connection is there, then I will proceed with the Automatic writing. Of course, the connection is not always there, and I will simply end the meditation, and go on with the day.

Sometimes, I can feel the vibration so strong on my hand and fingers (usually thumb and index fingers), and also great pressure on the crown chakra, then I will also sit down and write. Not often, it happened a few times only.

This Meditation has opened up a way for connection that I can never have though possible. Here under a the recollection of my transmission, which some you have read in other sections, while some only listed here.

Djwhal Khul AW

St. Germain AW

Teton Retreat AW

Anna and Family AW

‘I Am’ Presence AW

Mother/Father AW

ArchAngels Michael AW

Kuan Yin AW

Pallas Athena AW

Lord Melchizedek AW

Mixed AW