The Pursuit of TRUTH

Last night 25-01-2022, I don’t know where did I go, Teton Retreat, Temple of Freedom or somewhere else? The fact that I have much download, and as a consequences I have had a bad night of allergies, even today, it is still not subside….. I was up at 2.00 am and needed to dropped down a few notes then try to calm my skin, my inner self… all is fine, please don’t be afraid any longer. We can let the download happen naturally, without necessary going through this skin torture every time.

The issue in my mind was how one can assert the TRUTH in the process of awakening? How to discern information and knowledge acquired on the way? Ultimately, what, who should one trust?

Questions and Answers

How can one ever find the TRUTH? Truth has many facets and aspects, what is Truth for me might not necessary be the Truth for someone else.

Asking questions, never take what is being given on the face value, turn every stones, explore every angles, test every possibilities. I have always been demolished for asking too many questions, why can’t I ever just do what I am being told! The TROUBLE MAKER CHILD in person. Yet, posing questions has been the best way to find not only the TRUTH, but also a very good way to disclose your true Alliance!


Trust in Intuition. The Heart and Mind know even before a question is asked!  During the course of lives, how many of us are being taught not to trust our instincts! TRUST THE SCIENCE: is how we are totally brainwashed to believe the Authority. Someone else always know better then us because they are the Authority in so and so subjects! To take back our Sovereignty seems to be an impossible task.

We need to learn to trust our Intuition, our Instinct, our Heart and Mind again. Such a painful process, with the whole world pointing fingers at you: the BLACK SHEEP, THE UNFIT,  THE UNCOMPROMISED, THE SOCIAL DISTRUBTOR!

Wisdom Vs Knowledge

If Knowledge is Tangible, then Wisdom is non tangible.

If Knowledge is Matter, then Wisdom is Non Matter.

If Knowledge is Outer Source, then Wisdom is from Within.

If Knowledge can be demonstrate with a piece of Certificate or Diplomar,

Then Wisdom can only be measured with the kiss of the Sun.

A Wise Man most probably is a Knowledgeable Man, while a Knowledgeable Man not necessary a Wise Man.

It is often said: Knowledge set you Free! Because we have lost Faith in our 3D world, we have lost God within our hearts.

Knowledge can be brought into its most useful, helpful service by letting Wisdom to lead the way!

Wisdom is the KNOWING, the BELIEVING and the TURST of the Intuition even when there is no concrete information or data to sustain such Intuition! And it is called: FAITH, The ‘I AM’ PRESENCE!

Faith ultimately, set you FREE!

Free from the chain that enslaved our Souls and Bodies in the history of Human Being!

I Am a Seeker of Truth,

I Am Observation of What Is!

And I will Leave no Stone Unturned

to Accept My Home coming!

Seek Only that Which is Unseen!

That Gift that I Am to All of Life!

I Am the Only Governing Power of My World!

I Am the All-Knowing, All-Powerful,

All-Encompassing Expression of God Life in Love In Action!

This forever circle in search of TRUTH in awakening with one focal point: FAITH, with God inside our Hearts.

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