Ennio Morricone – Chi Mai (Who Is!)

To Know God, Know Thyself First

Do I know myself? Do you know yourself, dear friend?

Since early age, I have had people, people supposed to love me and protect me, telling me that: you are UGLY, you are USELESS, you are STUPID,  you may become a WHORE! Did I really sign a contract before this reincarnation to have this kind of experiences, and have a mother doesn’t love me? (Please don’t tell me all mothers love their children, it took me 50 years to accept this fact, I know what I am saying, and another 2 years to come around with Forgiveness!) How can such childhood ever serve me?

Since very young age, I always talked to “Myself’, the invisible friend, behind closed door, so people won’t noticed my strange behaviour!  I can still see it clearly that little girl of 8, hiding under her parents’ bed, thinking to disappear from this world, the outside world was too much for me! Was I so horrendous that these people can’t even show a bit of kindness! Who was this voice talking to me in time of need? Who was that ‘Presence’ staying with me?

Growing up, in order to survive, to thrill, so I won’t be the ‘FAILURE’ that these people were condemning me, this voice within was silenced, switched off without a trace. Still no compromise though, I do it my way. Holding the ANGER bottom up inside me, I was going to break the world, my energy to move forward. The ANGRY CHILD! Gene Key 32

I was being given a chance, a chance to escape from the living Prison. I went to Australia, with a new name, Genevieve. Legally, I became Cheung Yin Chie Genevieve 張英姿, a chance to stripe the old angry me, and let the sunshine of Australia to kiss on the new Genevieve.  Gene Key 42

The invisible Guiding hand was there always,  leading me, without me noticing it, than came Italy and I kept on living under the illusion world bubble…. We fast forward 20 years later. Akata, a name has no specific meaning for me, not in any languages that I know of. Akata came to me during one of the meditation, she was inside a Spaceship, making a decision, she decided to came to this planet we call Earth! Sun Light, this property that we are talking has a name: BORGO AL SOLE (Sun Light Village). During my Master Reiki Attunement, I was asked a Soul name, putting Akata Sun Light together, was so obvious, bridging  the old to the new, or connecting the origin to the future. In a sense that ‘I Am’ the Zero Point, take what the past has given me, not only this live time, but all live times and bringing it forward into Creating the Future.  Gene Key 60

Why these changing  of names are important, for me, these names represent 3 stages of  growth, of finding oneself. The name given by my parents Cheung Yin Chie 張英姿 is an identity imposed on me, as beautiful and good meaning ( a feminine warrior with Grace, hard to beat that!!!)  as it can be. Then Genevieve, a name with French origin (Hmmm, ponder on this!), did serve me well, in these 25 years of my life. The freedom to become who I wanted to be.

Humans are such funny creatures, ones of habit who rely only on what is presented to them through a 3d world, yet, over time things have changed so dramatically. In the days, weeks, months and years to come it will change even more. People within these changes will begin to see that their identities no longer suit their birth names and will feel the need, the urge and thus the desire to resonate with a Higher Vibrational tone or harmonic that will better suit their new thought forms and feelings of Being at Oneness with the All that is.

“This is about the acknowledgement of the changes that are occurring at a biological level within the physical body. Not only within their DNA, but all the way back to their connection with Mother/Father God.

 (Melchizedek name change channel)

Now you may say, when your parents gave you such beautiful name, they must love you tremendously.

My answer, Yes, my Mother and Father from Above love me tremendously. While my earth parents was still in a stage of Panic at the age of 18/19, this unexpected, unwanted child was nothing but trouble in their poor condition in a remote village in China. In one of the Communist radio where propaganda songs were playing non-stop, there was this phrase: our female soldiers in the mountain with 5 Guns… Fortunately, the song writer instead of using the cruel female soldiers, had used Feminine Warrior with Grace in description. There you go, my Parents Above did make sure my earth parents heard that song in the right moment, picking up the right words, and “Choose” to use it for my name!

To know Myself, time has came for me to look at my Birth Chart. And who could be better than our Beloved Sister Sue. I have a 3 hours meeting with Sue, http://www.astrolight.co.uk/ the insight that she has given me, helping me to understand how I come this far and what one can inspire to achieve. She has also given me the image of Eagle and Dove on my Natal Chart, it is so inspiring. If  I didn’t  implement this Will and Love aspect in my life consciously before, now it has certainly become my Conscious Lighthouse from here onward.

Eagle and Dove

Dane Rudhyar Degrees –





The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise. This sequence of symbols concluding the Libra phase of the cycle deals with problems met by the seeker for the fulfillment of a higher life of Relationship. Implied here is a kind of Yang-Yin interplay. When the circle encompassing both principles rotates fast, they appear to change into each other. Consciousness operates beyond duality, because the polarized energies of the Soul (or spirit). Will and Love, though ever distinct, work for a single purpose. This is the first stage of the forty-second five-fold set of symbolic phases. It represents a new, higher approach to the use of polarized forces within the personality which has been ever so little transformed and operating within a new framework.

The Keyword:  ADEPTNESS fits this phase — but there are many levels of “adept-ship”!

Gene Keys and Sue Chart Reading

We are looking at the following information from Gene keys and Sue comments during our meeting, they are as perfect as it can be, I will only put little notes where my personal experience can be incorporated into their explanation.

Gene Keys – MY GENIUS

My Life’s Work – what I’m here to do – Gene Key 32 Failure to Preservation to Veneration

Gene Key: With this Gift as your Life’s Work, you need to feel part of a broader pattern. Support from those you trust is one of the great keys in your life. Above all, you need to find what it is that you want to preserve for future generations. If you are raising a family, it is far more important for you to give your children high principles and a feeling of respect for life, than it is to give them financial freedom or economic support. You have a deep and natural instinct for long-term investments, especially in terms of where you put your own energy. If you can expand your horizons to encompass the whole planet, you will find greater fulfillment and, in the long term, greater financial return through the karma you accrue.


Because you have these 5 planets energy, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun in Libra.

In 2006 Pluto came to make a 90 angle to your natal Pluto at 26* Virgo which is conjunct your South Node in the 12th House.  The South Node point is the karmic consciousness created through previous lifetimes, which we come to integrate with the North Node, which is the spiritual focus and purpose for this incarnation.

The South Node point in your chart links to the Gene Key of shadow of oppression, leading to transmutation, and to transfiguration.   So in this lifetime you came in to transmute the ancestral lineage of oppression.

Akata: The angry driving force could have been the danger to blind my vision forever. The FEAR of FAILURE did serve me to push myself forward in the past. Fortunately, the intuition is always there, pushing the direction where to find Light. Doesn’t matter what the outer world pressure, or I don’t understand it at the moment, just keep on going. A Faith in trusting the intuitive side of me!

more details here…

Progress chart for the next 2 years

Sue: Progress chart which looks at where the planets are. By progression this year, you have many things going on. Vesta, Chiron, Pallas triangle for the next 2 years.

Aspect, particular powerful over to next year.

Chiron the healing powerful, in you case is in your mind.

Pallas  Athena, you capacity to use your mind into healing, instrumental, bring about change. Brings in intuition, focus, flashes of insights, and how you use your higher mind.

Vesta links into the flame within, the links into the spiritual essence you carry from lifetime to lifetime. The pivotal point of your chart, for the next few years. So it will be the focal aspects for the next couple of years, at least.

Vesta, incarnation of the light, bringing the light from generation to generation, Gene key 29, leaping into the void. Whole hearted in what you are doing. Open to a deep connection to the life force within. Carrying the flame within you. Pure consciousness.

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Gene Key 32

Now I would like to go back on My Life’s Work – Gene Key 32 Failure to Preservation to Veneration. From my very limited understanding, on analyzing the Profile chart, the Life’s Work is right on top of the chart, where the ULTIMATE PURPOSE  of one’s Life reside.

“When we trust in life enough, we begin to trust in the events of our lives too. We allow them to shatter us, and that re-frames our view. We realize that this impulse to preserve what we love has a whole new field to live in. What is essential? That is the great inner question.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways………

We hold the KEY to our Freedom, Unlimited Infinite Unconditional LOVE. What is being asked is the total SURRENDER of our Ego Self to the Higher Self, to the Source, the God/Goddess in us, in ONESS!

more details here…

I Ching 32 Hexagram

Now let’s see the 32nd  Gua/Hexagram in the Chinese I Ching:

 卦 32,恆  heng, 有 恆  Long Lasting, Thunder above, Wind below.

When look closely on the ideograph of the Chinese Character, two horizontal lines on top and at the bottom, represent the two shores of a river. Between the shores, there are two images – a boat on the right, and a heart on the left. Three people are sailing across the river in the boat. In ancient china, crossing a river was not an easy task. An old Chinese saying describes the situation: “People in the same boast share weal and woe.” 同舟共濟,患難與共

more details here….

It seems so much that I would LOVE to do, and with the opportunity of the end of Year visit to the Royal Teton Retreat, I have written a Petition to the Teton Retreat Karmic Board:

Petition to the Lords of Karma

Beloved Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma,…..

‘I Am’ blessed with the Path of studying with the  EGA and together with so many Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, the Magdalenes and many more as our guidance and protection.

‘I Am’ blessed with the Vision given by our Mother/Father God of the new Radiation Centre. I have tried several times to write the Proposal. Now I realized that I am/was not fully ready or awakened enough to express all the love and good intention inside my heart…..

‘I Am’ can nevertheless, ask you dear Lords to secure this place, so that I can bring it into Precipitation.

Now ‘I Am’ sending you this Petition, asking to activate my Divine Blueprint, my cellular DNA and Atom.

‘I Am’ asking you every opportunity and means to acquire all necessary wisdom and knowledge for me to accomplish my Divine Plan.

To do this, ‘I Am’ also asking you Beloved Lords of Karma to clean, clear, cancel all my Karmic records, core and consequences, in all my past, present and future lives. So that ‘I Am’ to walk on this Earth Karmic Free and as such Free to carry out the Divine Plan.

more details here….

Side note: I remember I read it somewhere to burn the Petition, so without much thinking, I burned it the same night. Afterward I found out one should burn it at the end of the month!!!

Never mind, I found Beloved St. Germain laughing under moustache ( as we say it in Italian: ridere sotto baffi, the smile is there but you cannot see it clearly!)

Then Peter has posted the whole lot of information regarding One World Nation!!!

I really didn’t expect the effectiveness so quick, and so much information all at once…

Joke aside, I am deeply grateful to all assistance and guidance that Peter is providing to me and all brothers and sisters.

As you can see, after the Petition to the Karmic Broad, the idea of making a new Web-site and writing this Book. It is my new approach in preparing the Petition. Everything is forming together so fast, and with my ‘I Am’ Presence as constant companion, the ME/WE, what was impossible is becoming POSSIBILE and REAL!

According to Richard Rudd, the first obstacle that has to be overcome is the karma of the past. If commitment is consistent enough (usually over many lives), eventually it will burn up all the karma accumulated in the ancestral DNA.

When we are taking up the courage to face our Past, our Fear, the shadow will not just go away so easily, so readily, it will take up the fight to maintain it’s power over us. Now I am personally feeling the burn of past fear, and it is torturing me physically with skin allergies! It is a long process in healing, and this also bring us to 2  new Topics that are so inter-related: REMEMBER I AM and THE LIGHT PROGRAM

With kindness, Sue has also given me some extra materials to look at. According to the natal and progressed charts – at this time in my progressed chart I have a very definite focus on the MC and Vesta which are making aspects to both Pallas Athena and to Chiron – which is relevant to all that I am are experiencing. The Gene Keys that link to this planetary aspect along with transiting Pluto which is also truly assisting me to release old blockages and will be conjunct my Core Purpose all through 2022.   They will give further insight to the potential held within the transition that I am going through.

‘Leaping into the Void’

Gene Key 29 ~ Position of MC and Vesta

Moving from Half-Heartedness to Commitment to Devotion

‘The Serpent Path’

 Gene Key 54~ Position of progressed Pallas Athena

 Moving from Greed to Aspiration to Ascension

‘The Myth of the Sacred Wound’

 Gene Key 25 ~ Position of progressed Chiron

 Moving from Constriction to Acceptance to Universal Love

‘The Holy of Holies’

Gene Key 61 ~ Position of transiting Pluto triggering this aspect

Moving from Psychosis to Inspiration to Sanctity

‘The Cracking of the Vessel’

Gene Key 60 ~ Position of transiting Pluto cnj Core Purpose throughout 2022

Moving from Limitation to Realism to Justice

I can never express enough gratitude to the EGA family, how each and every one of them giving guidance and loving assistance throughout this journey.