Anna, Rosa Mystica

Rosa Mystica

The season’s last gift of roses beckon you and me

To stand beneath our nuptial bower canopy.

Golden sunset’s brilliant star, our familial witness,

Cupped within a silver chalice, our beloved Venus.

Those roses that once were buds

When last, this way we came,

A cup of wholeness, now exclaim

Our rosy hearts to be the Holy Grail.

Let us breathe and be breathed:

Our kiss, the fragrance of the Rose.

Let us drink and be drunk:

The Beloved’s Wine flows.

There is a rose of white and gold,

Within this heart of red,

That I would have you know.

Come, Beloved, enter my bridal bed.

Bring forth your risen flame,

Illumine this many-petaled chamber.

Sing with me the Song of Songs.

Let us renew Solomon’s templed splendor.

Three-fold Flame of eternal love,

Transmute these fleshy stones,

Reveal the diamond Earth star

Risen above our merged hearts’ altar.

Let us enter the Beloved’s Garden

And find the twined Roses, silken and dewy.

Yours, Heaven’s gold and sterling.

Mine, the Goddess’ pearl and ruby.

Hidden within a garden of roses

Rests Christ’s heart of petals and thorns.

The Mirror of the Rose reflects who we truly are –

God I Am… the One Beloved.

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