Mother Mary

Yes, Love, it is me, be at Peace.

You ask who you were, yet you don’t really want to to know who you were at that period when you were with us. I want to tell you, you were so dearly loved, and you has been a great presence for us. We have gone through so much together. My time with you was precious, my dear love. The day when you are Truly ready to know your role, yes, I am more then happy to let you know. Now you are still in the process of fortifying your Self and Higher Self connection. Beloved, be at peace and go with the Grace of God.

Now regarding who you are and learning your ‘I Am’.  Beloved St. Germain is right there beside you and so as Brother Djwhal Khul. Your room is packed with our Presences. And sometimes you can feel the caress by one of you, do you Not? You are who you want to be, set no limit, Be the Daughter of God!

The radiation Centre in Italy. I believe Beloved Peter is working on it. You will have better understand on how to proceed. Yesterday I believe you have already have a conversation with our Beloved St. Germain, you are preparing Yourself to be able and ready to make the move.

As St. Germain said, our chairs are ready. Dear one, oh how much joy that would give us to be able to walk on earth again to embrace our long lost brothers and sisters, and much Grace to embrace the New Children on Earth.

Dear one, you need to release the Healer in you. Of course, Brother Djwhal Khul is so forever loving in helping. Do you really believe the Healer does not heal himself Myth??? haven’t you learned anything those days with  Beloved  Yeshua?

Go, command it, heal Yourself of all sort of misalignment.

(what can I call this Radiation centre?)

The name you would like to called Vesta Sun Light Radiation  Centre is simply lovely and our Beloved Mother Sun Vesta is well pleased with this name in her Honour. How much she shines on you everyday, when you feel her love and light right on you while cold and darkness around.

Beloved Daughter of God, it is ok to have doubt and fear. Call on us, we are here to send you embraces and more. Go with the flow, be the surfer. You are surfing Home splendidly, my Love.

May the day we will met and embrace again come much sooner. My Heart is singing with Joy my love.

Peace be with you

Mother Mary


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