This prayer excites your threefold flame and invokes an ascension spiral of light within your heart. I AM loving the Lord my God with all my heart And with all my mind and with all my strength And with all my soul, and I AM loving my neighbor as myself. I AM serving the LordContinue reading “JESUS GREAT COMMANDMENT PRAYER”

‘The Opening of the Mouth’

‘The Opening of the Mouth’ ‘In Oneness with our Christ–Magdalene sisters and brothers and with the Councils of Light under the auspices of the Divine Mother–Father, we wish to initiate what the Egyptian alchemists call: The Opening of the Mouth. ‘It is time for what has been silenced to be heard. It is enough! ItContinue reading “‘The Opening of the Mouth’”

Archangel Gabriel’s Invocation  

  I bring you glad tidings from the realms of Light. I am the one you know as Gabriel. I come from on High as an over-lighting presence to assist you in the delivery of this work unto the Earth plane. I come forth into this space to assist the minds and hearts of manyContinue reading “Archangel Gabriel’s Invocation  “

Aspirations – Clair Heartsong

May the shroud covering and silencing the Christ and Magdalene Be gently, but surely, removed in the ripeness of time – From both Husband and Bride – – Historical, mythical and essential Being – May all who have safeguarded the Christ–Magdalene legacy find sweet rest; And relax the sore tension of holding secret oaths andContinue reading “Aspirations – Clair Heartsong”

Anna, Rosa Mystica

Rosa Mystica The season’s last gift of roses beckon you and me To stand beneath our nuptial bower canopy. Golden sunset’s brilliant star, our familial witness, Cupped within a silver chalice, our beloved Venus. Those roses that once were buds When last, this way we came, A cup of wholeness, now exclaim Our rosy heartsContinue reading “Anna, Rosa Mystica”