Aspirations – Clair Heartsong

ArchAngel Gabriel’s Invocation + Aspirations – Akata

May the shroud covering and silencing the Christ and Magdalene Be gently, but surely, removed in the ripeness of time

– From both Husband and Bride –

– Historical, mythical and essential Being –

May all who have safeguarded the

Christ–Magdalene legacy find sweet rest;

And relax the sore tension of holding secret oaths and martyrs’ deaths. May the Magdalene mysteries shared herein

Awaken and liberate the Christ entombed within every breast.

May her/his voice be clearly received;

And dissolve boundaries of gender and creed.

May wars fought in their name end and fade forever from memory.

S/He and their coded DNA live on in every incarnation –

Humanity is their bloodline.

May we awaken to the equanimity and truth of the

Oneness we all share, 

Embracing and nurturing the living

Christ–Magdalene in self and ‘other’.

Let us be awake in our dream;

May all suffering cease.

May we hear the Voice within the voices of those who proclaim the Great Peace.

May this book serve as a portal into the Beloved’s infinite embrace.

In mystical union beyond Avalon’s farther shore, let us be graced.

Amen and Amen.

Claire Heartsong

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