Venus in Taurus 16th March – ARE YOU IN LOVE?

Venus in Taurus 16th March – 11th April – ARE YOU IN LOVE?

Venus moved into Taurus on 16th March and stays until 11th  April.

Venus is the planet of fun, hope, pleasure. The planet of love, touch, joining Taurus with the luscious creativity in earthy energy.

Taurus as a Fixed sign, providing the safety container for us to lean on, a comfort home to feel safe.

Venus – The creativity of flowers, songs, of sensual component to nature, walking without shoes. What about to do some cooking? The sensual fulfilling experiences of food.

Going into pleasure to find God, to celebrate life in its fullest with the Divine. The expression of compassion.

Venus is luck, joining with North Node on 21st March, a major expression upgrade for our benefit. What you desire for the Future? Where you want to go? Who you want to be?

21st March is the first day of the Zodiacal year, the beginning of the new cycle! The new journey… love, goal, purpose….

Together with the New Moon in Aries at Zero degree, 3 alignments and new beginnings…..

(new video coming soon)

On 31st March, reaching Uranus, something is going to change… The moment to put your creativity to work. The change that you want, and Uranus is bringing long time effect into this transit.  

Are you in love with LIFE?

Much Blessing.

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