The Map of Love

I heard the wind whispering, sweet Mother sounds so smoothing,

Let me hold you within my arms, little desert flower!

Dreaming I was forever running, being chased by invisible Being!

Locked myself inside a house, no one should dare to open this flood gate!

Till I heard the whispering sound again…

Someone is calling out my name! Transfixed, where are you calling?

Revelation of inner fear, not wanted to be hurt again!

How can I take off this armor, shielding me with her mighty power!


Maybe the wind will take me there, whirling my soul into space,


One day I will meet you there, somewhere in between the Map of Love.

Back in Feb 18th, I started to hear the wind whispering again… Couldn’t make out the message… sometimes, it takes time to receive the full meaning. The universe has its’ own timing, can’t be rushed.

In the meantime, I am having these recurrent dreams, more or less the same pattern. I was running, being chase by something, someone. Always end with me closing every door and window, laying low, trying to not be seen from outside.

Couldn’t make out the meaning, until this morning, awakened with the same nightmare! The explanation finally came.

Go back one night ago, I clearly heard a voice was calling my name, very profound and loving. Sending a stream of protective energy. To feeling safe and protected can means ALL THE WORLD! Maybe that could explain why I got so emotional watching the sun came up in the next morning.

The scar is there, damage is done. Ended up twice in emergency room for not wanting to face the reality served it’s purpose! With one door closed, how long am I going to keep it shut?

Dreams are very potent; the Inner self speak without veil! And the Universe, knows the timing, anticipating of what to come next.

Only if I am really brave enough to make the next step…..

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