New energies in new moon in Aries 21st March 2023

Sun and Moon at zero 0’ degree of Aries, with Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron.

First day of astrological new year together with Spring Equinox, highly creative, super charge, perfect for setting things up, bringing fresh energy in your life. Best time to take action.

Aries as a cardinal Fire sign, encourage us to take initiative, move into new direction, to prepare us for the Pluto Aquarius ingress.

We should work with these energies consciously. Pluto is saying where we can find a new power in our life through death and rebirth!

Pluto squaring Lunar Nodes, profound Karmic choice Point. The direction of where we want to move, both INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY.

Pluto is in the process of urging us to let go of the old structures in our world. Into a time of DEEP transformation. To hold this intense period with higher and boarder perspectives for the Future.

Since 6th February, Jupiter conjunct Chiron till 12th April. Powerful healing period around our sense of SELF! Aries is guiding us to heal and move out of those unbalanced energies. A 13 years cycle of growth through healing.

Jupiter, reflects our belief system, how to discern our environment and current situation. It helps us to be more conscious of our experiences.

While Chiron, shows us the wounds and trauma in the past, in our sense of SELF, in our relationships. We are encouraging to heal, to transform, and transmute our past.

Pluto is here to guide us during the process of deconstruction, regeneration and rebirth.

Chiron is supporting us in healing.

Jupiter is helping us to shape new mind set.

Aries is the manifestation through action.

This is a time to go within, to tune into our most Inner Self, our wounds.

Pluto squaring the Luner Nodes.

We need to look at our own shadows, dive into our sub-conscious/un-conscious, and deal with our deeper feelings and emotion. What have been hiding in darkness?

Pluto is guiding us into the underworld, and darkness. In order to initiate the process of transformation.

The North Node in Taurus is how we are going into the new Future, what we are willing to manifest, both INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY.

Neptune is supporting us in dissolving the old patters, that no longer serve us.

The Neptune connection energy of water, to the Sun and Moon, a GIFT for creativity, connection with the Spirit. Honoring our connection with ALL THAT IS.

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