Past Life – Scar on Throat


My ‘I Am’ Presence

Now you may have noticed already that I am suffering from a certain type of allergic reaction, especially on the skin.

Every times, when I am under stress, or facing certain difficulties in life, my body rebels. It always tell me fair and square something is up, and you need to face it.

Since 2019, Hong Kong Protests, almost immediately, I have had problem moving my left arm.

Left = Heart,

Movement = Restriction, Limitation.

After trying with all both western and oriental remedies, from physiotherapy to Agopunture….nothing worked for more than 24 hours.

How conventional or non conventional medicine deal with ‘HEART’?

You may to to a psychologist, they listen and they pack you with PILLS! When you don’t feel the pain, or depression by numbing all sensations,  then problems solved!!!

Arrived at a certain point, I was saying to myself: ‘I need to DO SOMETHING BY MYSELF’! That was how I get started with Reiki. The Universe came to me by putting me under certain circumstances!

Anyhow, after the first 2 Levels of Reiki, everyday I spent time with my Self-Healing, through the universal energy, little by little, I healed myself back to normal.

Recently, I would say, since mid Oct after I have had the vision of being asked to SPEAK in this lifetime, the allergic reaction on my THROAT and CROWN is really bad every since. Some days better than the others, but the problem persist.

Today is 16 January, 2022, 2 months later, I have a sort of scar right across in the middle of the throat! Since last night, this idea came to me that it is much similar to the scar of being strangled!

The Past doesn’t simply go away. What is being asked of me in this life has certainly brought back many FEAR and painful memories in my DNA, or subconscious!

We have all suffered some sorts of injustice, tortures, hurts, pains, and fears in our past lives that we learn to stay silence, to cover up, and to be ‘NORMAL’ as the others.

It is no easy task to change our subconscious mind, where we are still very fearful, what if that happened before, happen  again?

My ‘I Am’ Presence is showing me that I need to deal with the Past in order to move forward, to heal the MIS-ALIGNMENT, ILL-NESS,  and DIS-EASE that is rooted deep within.

I have seen one particular Past Life that I was in a sort of Celtic countryside, I saw this girl in Green Grown/Dress, being dragged with a rope around her Neck, into a Castle/Tower by a solider, then she was burned to death. I know she was a Healer, and as such a Witch!

Oh, my dear one, we started to cry.

It is ok, ‘I Am’ here now.

We are SAFE, NOTHING, NOTHING, AND NOTHING  can ever hurt us again!

We are taking back our Power, our Freedom. We are our own ONLY  AUTHORITY.

‘I Am’ here, and I send you caresses, and embraces through Time and Space.

Feel my bands on your face, feel my touch on your Neck.

Tears are our Remedies.

‘I Am’ holding you tight.

Feel my heart, it is ok, it is ok…..

You can go at Peace now, you can rest now, nothing will ever hurt US any longer.

It is ok, cry now, let the tears flow free.

Let’s US ‘FREE’.

‘I Am’ getting back my Power!

‘I Am’ the only Authority in Charge of my Life!

‘I Am’ in Divine Order in my Body, Mind and Affairs.


Be at Peace, Be at Peace, Be at Peace.

‘I Am’ that ‘I Am’


‘I Am’ to send you my love every days and nights, until ‘You Are’/ ‘We Are’ ready to REST IN PEACE at last!


Read the Part 10 of One World Nation Discourse, and found this just confirm of what I was thinking above. It is the Past that I need to heal!

Today this ‘Essene Soul’ urge to Reunite is a huge pull upon Their Divine Hearts and yet even though Their Memories are now resurfacing once again, They remain within the Transmuting stages of human discord and imbalance and continue to clear and heal many physical, emotional and mental traumas along the way. Subconsciously, these Dear Souls, due to their failed attempt to Ascend as a Group, and who had to reincarnate time and time again over the last 2000 years, the mental and emotional scars of that disappointment are still holding most of them back from making the next major decision within their lives. These will begin to Heal now, thus making way for the final rehearsals before Reigniting the ‘Inception Codes of the Light’; this time with Absolute Permanent and Eternal Success.

(Sanat Kumare Part 10 One World Nation)

Will you please ask Me to give each of you the Opportunity to direct a Specific Beam of Consciously Qualified Light into some particular condition that you feel is in need of adjustment, holding that Beam steady upon that goal? Ask me to give you the Pressure of My Green Flame, and then enjoy what the Light will do, without the pressure of your personal will!

(Lady Meta)

Dearest Lady Meta, I request you to send me the Pressure of Your Green Flame, to heal and align my ill-ness, especially this skin allergy which I believe is the FEAR from past lives.

Now I might enjoy ILL Free stage of Health, and live freely.

My deep gratitude.


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