El Morya  12-11-2021

El Morya

Dear heart,

You were doubting of your consciousness in the last few days. Then you read my discourse, and you are back to your usual Self again.

When you have doubts, remember my words, dear heart.

You are doing a good job with Brother DK Ajna Breathing Meditation. You finally understanding what Brother DK meant by closing the solar plexus.

Yes, you closed it to the physical 3D plane, to become an observer of what is happening around you.

Then you open it through your Ajna center to the Higher world, to build your Antahkarana.

Yesterday, you see how the the third eye is open to the Light.

Your personality is still very strong. But you are learning to control it, to subdue it, become your own Master. Face it, and stripped of its power on you.

You know it doesn’t matter of you question.

Keep it close to your heart. You will know what to do with this realization when the Time comes.

Grace and Ease my dear one

El Morya.

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