Past Life – Scar on Throat

16-01-2022 My ‘I Am’ Presence Now you may have noticed already that I am suffering from a certain type of allergic reaction, especially on the skin. Every times, when I am under stress, or facing certain difficulties in life, my body rebels. It always tell me fair and square something is up, and you needContinue reading “Past Life – Scar on Throat”

Petition to the Lords of Karma

I have written a Petition to the Teton Retreat Karmic Board: Beloved Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma, ‘I Am’ Akata Sun Light, born Cheung Yin Chie, became Genevieve. Tonight, with the blessing of our Mother and Father God, ‘I Am’ sending you the Petition of the end of year 2021. This year ‘I Am’Continue reading “Petition to the Lords of Karma”

I Ching 32 Hexagram

Now let’s see the 32nd  Gua/Hexagram in the Chinese I Ching:  卦 32,恆  heng, 有 恆 Long Lasting, Thunder above, Wind below. When look closely on the ideograph of the Chinese Character, two horizontal lines on top and at the bottom, represent the two shores of a river. Between the shores, there are two images – aContinue reading “I Ching 32 Hexagram”

Progress chart for the next 2 years

Sue: Progress chart which looks at where the planets are. By progression this year, you have many things going on. Vesta, Chiron, Pallas triangle for the next 2 years. Aspect, particular powerful over to next year. Chiron the healing powerful, in you case is in your mind. Pallas  Athena, you capacity to use your mindContinue reading “Progress chart for the next 2 years”

Gene Keys and Sue Chart Reading

We are looking at the following information from Gene keys and Sue comments during our meeting, they are as perfect as it can be, I will only put little notes where is strictly needed. Gene Keys – MY GENIUS My Life’s Work – what I’m here to do – Gene Key 32 Failure to PreservationContinue reading “Gene Keys and Sue Chart Reading”