19-11-2021 St. Germain

My Dear Child,

You are still struggling to find yourself, you are at a point that cannot decide to follow the rules or do your own ways.

Then you hear me saying the time to do your own way is finished!!! so you struggle more. You know you have been guided to read and understand certain parts of you. And yet, you want to follow the rules like all the others.

Do what you think is right for you. If you are not ready now at this moment to follow the course, then don’t do it. All roads led to Rome as you human say. All roads bring you back home to God, Father and Mother.

If we want another sheep, that just follow of what has been asked, then we don’t need you!

You know you come here to break the rules, you have done it all your lifetime.

It is not about the course,  it is about how you feel, how you connect with Mother’s Love and Father’s Light.

Use your discernment, my child. You know I am around you. You know you are deeply loved, or you wouldn’t be in this path. Stay true to yourself, do not worry if you are not understood by the others. You are not understood by the others all your life, why would you care now? Why would you diminish yourself further more? To be accepted by the others.

Dear child, go at peace, keep on doing what you feel resonate. Don’t cry, don’t cry, you have found me, go at peace. You are dearly loved.

St Germain.

(Another confirmation came just half an hour later while reading Lazarus of Bethany: ‘Peace be unto you, Lazarus. Be still. Know I AM God. Cease to be anxious for the ‘morrow.’ Jesus)

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