03-11-2021 St Germain

Dear Child

You need to pay attention to your ego and know how to control it.

When you have done somethings with your good heart, do not let your ego to destroy your good work, Control it, sent it to the Violet Flame to transmute it into the Universe.

You know I am close to you as Peter pointed out. You know it right from the beginning as you saw how your were being lead and prepared to join the EGA.

You are here to know yourself, but you are still too afraid to know it fully completely.

Now when you start to have the sensation you need to sit yourself down to write.

Stop all excuses.

Why are you still asking the same question again and again. You know who She is. Connect with her, connect with yourself.

I am always with you dear one.

St. Germain

3rd  confirmation of Maltese Cross:

Today 04 11 2021 rereading Peter’s email.

Priya post of water

San Casciano

Yes, my dear child, now you see the connection of how to confirm signs and confirmations.

You are on your way to discover who you truly are you see it already as told by Mary, this will be a place , your root if you like. A safe place to come back from time to time to regenerate your energy.

Dear one, your job is not to stay put. You will travel to different places. Why you think you are making all sorts of connections with people around the world? More can not be said at this moment.

Q – what about my family

Your family is an illusion. You cannot be tied down and you know that already.

I can not tell you how you will be free, Time my dear.

You have been guided all your life, do you think you would be less guided now my dear one?

Live the NOW moment, is the best you can do, keep on exploring different fields. When you connect with your past lives experiences, you will have all the wisdom you need.

Have Faith, have Faith, have Faith

Believe in Who You Are.

Your loving Guidance

St Germain

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