29/11/2021 St. Germain

(my right ear started to inflame, feeling great pressure on the right side of the face and head)

Be brave my dear child. Now that you have started and written of your findings. Do not chicken out Now. Look inside your ‘I Am’, is there always inside you, guiding you even when you didn’t know. In your childhood, you could have ended up in so many unpleasant and difficult situations. Your ‘I Am’ has guided you back out of danger.

You are not crazy. Your right ear is in inflammation, because we are trying so hard to communicate with you while you are trying equally hard to ignore all possible channel. Then you think you are not able to do it!

This was only one of your life, an important one, but one of the many.

What is being asked of me?

To be your True Self. When the time come, you speak Truth, you heal the past, so you heal the future.

Should I start the Boot camp and I Am authority?

Does it really matter? What is your ‘I Am’  telling you? Fly high my dear, do not limit yourself.

It is not the Akata of this life time we are dealing with, you know full well it is the Akata of many life times we are dealing with. Go my child, no time to waste. Go.

Your Beloved

St. Germain

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