External VS Internal

06-08-2022 Djwhal Khul

How much do we understand ourselves?

We read books, books about other people experiences, other people’s life.

When it come to us, our WE, even then we sought outside sources to tell us who and what we are. What we need to do with our bodies, what is our astrology……

Is it a distraction for not facing our own shadow? Looking outwardly, so we don’t see inwardly?

Why we spend so much energies in trying to understand the other but ourselves?

Pages after pages, books after books, all related to some other person, may be even long gone!

Do we learn from these people? What influence and quality can bring to our life?

Does it really matter what happened 200 years ago, or 2000 years ago?

Until we walk with our own shoes, that is understanding who and what we are by ourselves without filter by the outside world, by another person. Until then, only until then we become WHOLE.

It is the start and finish of Unconditional Love.

Know Thyself First.

Love Thyself First.

Be Thyself First.

Everything we need is inside us. It is not a ‘Saying’ but simple ‘Truth’.

Yet so simple and basic, we tend to overlook, as best, ignore in most.

The funny part, we tend to believe the Sages and Wise people can only be found outside from our normal environment, some out of reach places, so out of reach, people that we can never meet.

What is this Fear? What is this Shadow? How do we call it?

Am I  to make a difference in personal aspect or to only a few people. Or Am I to make a difference to a society, if not civilisation?

Am I annoyed when friends or family ignor my views? Is this spiritual glamour? Does it important with the recognition from the others?

Yes, I do, be honest! I still seek the recognition from the others, to boost my ‘Achievement’.

Oh Brother Djwhal Khul, thank you for leading me here to this point in seeing myself fro what I Am.

That is what is internal, looking inside is internal, thank you.

Internal Journey

Look into your Eyes,

You see Fear,

You see Pain,

You see shadow and bad Memories.

Look into you Eyes,

You see Joy,

You see laughter,

You see Beauty, Love and Light.

Then you find Peace.

Caressing your Hands,

Palms on Palms,

Heads touching,

Souls Connecting.

Namaste, thank you Brother DK.

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