Mother Mary and Jesus


Mother (Grandmother) Mary,

Location: Grotta di Lourdes di Chiampo

You don’t need to know what will happen in the future. You manifest what you want, what you desire for the Greater Good of All.

Use this power in you, don’t ever think you are the little one.

You are US, US all together. We are not outside of you, but inside you.

Do you feel my Love? Do you feel my arms around you?

I am not looking up to the sky, but looking down at you my dear.

You have just learn in these few period, you don’t need to tell who you are to no one.

It is not important of what the other thinks or know about you.

You are who you come here to BE, BE YOU.

When the moment come, you will shine my love. You will manifest what is best for the future of this planet. Immerse your whole being with Mother Gaia. Let her guide you step by step.

In the meantime, enjoy being her on earth in this physical body.

But never let it tie you down.

Freedom is a state of consciousness.

You cannot walk back the water, so simply let the water guide you, flow with it!

Voice recording Light Language:

Be at peace with yourself. Be yourself!?

Afternoon in Temple

The medium saw me holding a baby girl when I came in, she needed to know that she is loved. I told her she is very much loved, I ask for her forgiveness, and she can go to the other side now, there is family over there waiting for her, loving her.

The she said the father of the baby girl was angry….. then at some point she was transmitting as my father, my father Yeshua. He told me I have the ability and much need to be learn.  Do not let my anger and stubbornness to pull me down.

When she asked me if there is anything else that I want to know, I told her that there is nothing I need to know, as I have just received the message from Mother Mary. I will flow with the water.

The are many ways in organising an Ashram, what is it that I desire for my Ashram? What to do? What not need to do? What is necessary to create Harmonious existence, at the same time letting each and every individual to express themselves completely?

I want my Ashram where each person is free to develop and build his/her ability, talents, and altitude. Be respectful, loving to one another. One does not need to display gesture or any form of nonsense to show their respect. Namaste is all there is needed, walk freely, not bide by any ‘HUMAN’ rules, and restriction.

In the New Erthe, we are our own Masters. Power is inside each of us, not something from a external God.

The children need to know better.

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