Lady Pallas Athena Transmission

Dear one, you sense me alright. Yes I Am here, but I prefer to let Kuan Yin to speak first, she has such Love for you.

Dear one, when you are doing this coming activation, you are thinking to do it together with your Petition. Don’t you see how interesting the timing just fit perfectly together!?

Nothing is by chance and you are walking following your heart.

Now that you have a few days of relax, be more concentrate with your work now. St Germain is rushing, EGA is rushing, you need to rush too with your study and duties.

It is not your imagination my dear, yes, this was a caress on you face. No matter how light or non perceivable it is. When one is opens for communication, one can feel it with much joy. What more can you ask with both Kuan Yin and me in the Karmic Broad!

All will be fine, my dear. I don’t have much to say and see you in the Full Moon my dear.

Lady Pallas Athena

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