Kuan Yin Transmission


Kuan Yin Transmission

It is me Kuan Yin, my dear. We have the Duty and Purpose to assist our Brothers and Sisters in their way to Awakening. This, of course, they must be the first person to  willingly accept any advise. We do not ignore and pretend not the case by looking the other way.

What you have been doing is giving an excellent example by guiding and advising when you can help.

This give me great joy in seeing you are doing it in this fantastic way. You are showing great advancement in this process. The point that you are realizing also at the same time from falling into duality is also an improvement. Be compassionate to those also doesn’t see as clear as you are doing/seeing, and above all sensing with your heart.

Even though some have found their ways into the EGA, but not all are willing to do the inner work to bring themselves one step further.

That is what Lady Palls Athena was saying. You are in the Threshold of the 12 Ray, THRESHOLD  that is. Without making the step and putting the effort, they will forever stand in front of the THRESHOLD. And this opportunity is not forever. Be very careful with your judgement, this is the EGO’s talk.

In order for one to advance, one must learn and practice the compassionate Love, Unconditional Love for all, ALL! That is so unfortunate that many are not seeing why they are not advancing! Not knowing their worst enemies are themselves.

And it is not up to you to judge it my dear. You must learn to see their misfortune or mishaps with the compassionate heart.

Give a hand when you are ASK, and stay quite when it is not ASKED!

You must have known that you cannot push anyone to make the move without themselves willing to do it!And today with XXXXX, you have guided this person perfectly by following the flow of thoughts. Not pushing, but giving advice according to his/her thread of thoughts. At the end, you have brought him/her around to face the “FEAR” by not forcing him/her to face it!

Remember this lesson, hold it deeply within your heart, because you have given guidance with your heart/will.

And you must learn to do the same also to those you do not feel aligned with.

A Master will always assist when asked, no matter who that person is!

A Master that YOU ARE!

Right, a Master that YOU ARE!

Head up, mt dear. So much more can be done.

I Am more than content to see your progress.

Waiting for your Petition with Love and Joy, my dear heart.

Kuan Yin

Thank you so deeply Beloved Kuan Shi Yin, my heart feel the big leap while listening to your words of Love. I shall remind myself always. When I am not paying attention, please remind me from the other side of the veil. Make me understand and see clearly where I Am lacking attention and intention.

I have a feeling of Lady Pallas Athena was here as well, was I right?”

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