14-12-2021 St Germain

Finished Part 6, During Part 7 Vol 1 page 3 Boot camp recording. I have to stop because the feeling on my fingers and hand is just too strong, need to go int channeling.

(Beloved St. Germain, please tell me.)

Dear child, Do Not think that you are in Italy and you are in a place of less importance. By all means, you are in Florence, the place of the Renaissance. You are not there by mistake!

Yes, the Radiation centre is an important point/position for the New Earth Grid.

To go back in time, you will not be able to take on this path if stayed in Hong Kong or Australia.

Italy once again will become the focal point to spread New Culture in the New Age.


(oh please, can we talk about something else, I don’t want to talk about myself all the time!)

Yes, this is good My Child. No, we do not need to talk about you all the time.

You need to learn to listen with more clarity. You are not really in the Great Silence!

At the end, there is not much new ideas you need to write. Until the day you develop a new doctrine or technique.

(how shall I proceed with the Radiation Proposal?)

You are already taking notes. And you know the most important point now you have to clarify the purpose of this project.

We (DK and I), have our chairs ready! Go on and make this happen!

(what about my family, will anyone of them be there with me?)

Oh, this is not for us to say. There is free will. We cannot say even for you, where Free Will imply.

(I command my ‘I Am’ Presence Abundance, ‘I Am’ Self-support, Self-sufficient for my living and all new investment and expenses for the New Project.)

Then Go Ahead, and State It!

That’s all for now. Back to study.

You are dearly Loved

St. Germain

Part 2:

Right after the channeling, doubt comes to me. It cannot be possible that Beloved St. Germain will spend time with me just to make sure I am moving forward.

I went to cook, I eat something, I watch video…….to postpone the time back to study!

When  I was back to recording the lesson, doubt and fear ringing loudly in mind.

Alas, then BOMB, BOMB, BOMB. Part 7 page 3:

‘the Great ‘I Am’ Presence has pushed back the doors of doubt and fear, and over you is written in Gold Light, “YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM”’

WAY TO FREEDOM HK, the name of my web-site!!! freedom that I have been seeking, working on for me, for Hong Kong, for this Planet since 2019!!!

Is it a coincidence?


You are kidding me Beloved St. Germain.


Today this thought of Lisa sharing was right on my mind since the forst morning!

I hold and told myself let’s go, she has stopped already. Do not let duality to play me again and again.

The devil is right around stay alert.

I ask Forgiveness to Lisa and her Higher Self.

I ask Forgiveness to the EGA members and their Higher Selves

I ask Forgiveness to Peter and Sue and their Higher Selves.

Master your own mind Akata!!!

Stop it at once you notice it.

Send it away, kick Ass!!!

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