08-12-2021 St Germain

Dear child,

You think that it is a simple coincidence that you have read and found the same passages, when you are doing my Course?

You follow through that what you Heart tells you and you be alright.

You do have the inner knowledge to know and pick up the right information. You are guided in so many ways, either by me or by other Masters as Brother Djwhal Khul stay very close to you too, not to mention the troupe of angels behind you.

Yes, you will speak one day, to speak for the Humanity. Now is the moment you go Within, learning to fight first your shadow, your ego, your glamour as you are starting to do. You need to unplug yourself from this outside world.

Does it matter if you are inside one group or the other. But it does matter when you disperse your energy.

Time is coming. I told you No time to Waste, and I tell you again NO TIME TO WASTE.

You read it on the Rules, to be true to Your own Plan, how clearer then that you need!

Spring cleaning your outer world!

Do not worry about this project for a moment.


And so it is.

Can you feel my arms around you dear child?

You are not asking of my word, you are asking of my Love!

And you are Loved immensely by Heaven and Earth.

Do not let your earthly experience dictate your one moment longer.

Be the Daughter of God that You Are.

Let’s Go and Let God, my dear

Your Beloved St Germain and Lady Portia

Be Still and Know that ‘I Am’ God

Be Still and Know that ‘ I Am’

Be still and Know

Be Still


(a ray of Light just came in from a rainy day)

Thank you, Thank You, and Thank You.

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