Vesta Flame Sanctuary

In The Palm Of God_s Hand – Frederic Delarue


From the point of Light within the Mind of GOD
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of GOD
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the Centre where the Will of GOD is Known
Let Purpose Guide the little wills of men.
The Purpose which the Masters Know and Serve.

From the Centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light workout.
And may it seal the door where inequity dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth.

Correspondence with Peter

One way that help me to understand the process how I come to write this book and the web-site, is to go through the correspondence that I have exchanged with Peter. The first e-mail is dated on 13th July 2021, up till recently just before Christmas where I have finally came to understand I need to revisit all that I have done in the past few months, not so much regarding the property or the Petition itself, but the connection with my ‘I Am’ Presence, hence with my God Self.  And through this correspondence, I guess it can also send out a positive message to the others that, there is no such thing as failure or perfection, we come to understand our Higher Selves through a serious of trials. The day we shake hands with our ‘I Am’ Presence, then we are ready, just about almost everything.

more details here…..

This is the end of this long long  email correspondence. I cannot express enough my deep gratitude to Peter for his patience and wisdom guidance.

As you can see, there have been so many uncertainly, unknown information, that I wasn’t able to make Head and Tail with. Sometimes, I can’t sleep, sometimes I was in despair as I was not going anywhere, then with just a sign from somewhere, I am back on my Feet again. This is nothing but a process in getting to know the Voice Within, my ‘I Am’ Presence.

On the 20th I knew that the 3 Petitions that I wrote where the necessary steps for me to connect with my ‘I Am’ Presence. In the meantime I have finished Boot Camp of ‘I Am’ Authority, (which I have waited until I have the peace of mind to do so), new materials from One World Nation and the rest are coming in. During this process, a big shift has happened. I wrote  letters to my ‘I Am’ Presence:

22-12-2022 ‘I Am’ Presence

My Beloved ‘I Am’. I love you, I love you, I love you.

This little voice inside me, who has always been here with me, talk to me, guide me, help me, protect me.

It takes me more than 50 years finally to acknowledge You, my ‘I Am’ Presence. But we have so many more years to stay together, now that we have found each other. We shall stay in this New Erthe as long as it is required of us. There is so much works to be done, so much to prepare.

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INVOCATION: I Call upon the 7 Elohim to  bestow me with your Rays, with your Divine qualities, to join and align with my ‘I Am’ Presence within these7 Steps of Precipitation, for I Desire to bring into the Manifestation of this project for the greater good. I ask to be released all Karma within me that remain stuck that no longer serves me. As I have received this Divine Idea from God, in this Call, I rejoice in the Constancy that ensures this Invocation transcends all thought, passing whim, and emotional leakage not bound in Benevolence. I call forth the Elemental Grace Alliance Council and the ‘I Am Presences’ of the Sun of Even Pressure Council to join with me now!

I ask Beloved Djwhal Khul, , Chohan Kuan Shi Yin, Saint Germain and Lady Portia, Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith, Christ Jesus and Mary Magdalena, Mother Mary, Mother Vesta, Lady Pallas Athena, Grandmother Anna and Lord Melchizedek to be my Sponsors in this Plan.

We Give Praise and Gratitude to the Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, who, through their Joy-filled Hearts have now established and become the New Radiating Centres of Light to All humanity. We give Praise and Thanks that out of All Dear One’s, will come Peace and Prosperity to mankind for them to Embrace also. ‘I AM’ The Power of God that Self-Sustains and Self-Maintains the Reign of Peace on Earth that no man can destroy. ‘I AM’ The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light That Will Illumine and Strengthen the Hearts of All God’s Children in all ruling and administrational places around the world; and out of all Will Come Love, Justice, and Wisdom. (The Dove of Peace has landed, St Germain)

ST. Germain: I tell You Beloveds this Christmas Day (2019) a Birth of another Christ Essence Will be Born within a Great Peace, Health, Happiness, and Prosperity there within The United States of America. We Give Praise and Gratitude that this is God’s Wisdom through His, Her Beloved Children of the Light, and the Luminescence, Effervescence and Life Giving Joy of the Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence. The Christed Earth Children, are now Embracing You, like never before, Oh America! And through the Christed Earth Children, another Birth is immanent this Christmas Day! That of the New Erthe! Beloved One’s, Majesty and Power, shall Now Command Obedience of all that is of the outer, to be in Service to the Inner ‘I AM’ Presence. The Power of Divine Love, Now Governs, more than ever before, The Freedom of America, its people and the World!

I invite each of you to become more Mindful of these Invocations. Use them wisely and in times of need!

• ‘I AM’ God’s Child and I can do everything God wants me to do, and I do it Now.

• I clothe every atom of my world this day with Infinite Love and Wisdom.

• My Home, Body, Mind and World is the Heart of Divine Love’s Operation.

• ‘I AM’ the Divine Plan of the Light in Perfect physical Operation now and forever.


I sent my deep gratitude to all Ascended Masters sponsors, for their encouragement and valuable guidance during this whole process. With their Light shinning always and All Ways, together with my ‘I Am’ Presence, made this Project Presentation possible. Looking back, I am most grateful for their protection and Presences surrounding me in silence in each moment in need. May this be the beginning of a prosperous journey. May Abundance descent on the New Erthe for the Joy and Peace of Humanity.

Finally, we are arriving to the actual Petition for the Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre. Even though I have stepped into this spiritual journey consciously for only 6/8 months, now understanding my ‘I Am’ better, it is a lifetime journey, eons of past live journeys.  A journey to bring into Manifestation of what we as Humanity has begun long long long time ago. (Sorry, I am not good with numbers!)

We have signed our Soul Contracts before Reincarnations, we have made our choices where / when / how / with whom to start our lives / what kind of experiences, we have set our goals and purposes. All that we can achieve this lifetime, we can do it. Nevertheless, there is FREE WILL, we can chose to comply with our contracts or back down with our decisions.

The opening of the Heart and Love is the First most important step, we cannot Do Good, if it is not from the Heart. Beloved Jeannette has always been providing guidance with prayers and wisdom.


This prayer excites your threefold flame and invokes an ascension spiral of light within your heart.

I AM loving the Lord my God with all my heart And with all my mind and with all my strength 

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Dear Mother / Father God, hear me, ‘I Am’ here to decree my Whole Hearted  Total SURRENDER to you, to your Will, to your Guidance. All that I have, is given by you, and I give all that I have to your Service.

So, the Work you all have to do regarding the cleansing of the human auras, the conscious mine fields of humanity, the influence of negative and destructive astral plane interferences and the clearing of the harmful energetic patterns that have been embedded into Mother  Gaia’s surface, does indeed, without question, warrant a great deal of focus and attention in due course. Yet, this is still, an important part to be concluded; to make way for the Purity of  the Children so they may be held in Their Original Crystalline Integrity once they enter the Earth. I Am Aware, that you are all beginning to see just how much is now depending upon what are now being called the Radiations Centres. Remember, you are not alone Dear Souls and God would not have given any of you this Divine Task, if He/She Knew that it would be too great a Work for you. For that reason alone, you are drawing unto yourselves now a Divine Responsibility that is Equal to the Success of this Divine Plan for a New True Constitution and ‘I AM’ One World Nation. (Lady Meta, Part 10, One World Nation)

I found this passage from A Course of Miracle chapter 4 which expresses my inner feeling:

Musical prayer for guidance – I am only here to be truly helpful (A Course in Miracles music) – Neda Boin




“I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent Him Who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,

because He Who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes,

Knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal. (T28)”

Affirmation: “I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do.”

What does it means by ‘to be truly helpful’?  

The Purpose of the Radiation Centre:

I desire to be an instrument to express the Love of God in this Heaven on Erthe, where Love and Serenity reign.

I desire to be the part of Preparation for the New Children in the New Age, where to develop the Foundation for the New Education for the future generations to come.

I desire to provide the SERVICE, an physical environment where all can walk as Equal, no matter you are Ascended Masters, Devas, Angelic Hosts (welcome back on earth, everyone), men, woman or children, the animal kingdoms.  We Walk Free at last.

I desire to be the Co-Creator with our Mother/Father God, where every creation is for the Greater Good of All, and hence, creations through our ‘I Am’ Presence and Cosmic Law.

I desire the Final Ultimate Freedom for myself, for our Brothers and Sisters, and for Humanity.

What I Desire, I Create with my ‘I Am’ Presence. ‘I Am’ ready to embrace the new souls on Earth.

I Create As God Creates!

I Only See Union of the One in All!

I Am in Acceptance of My The Homecoming!

I Am the Observation of What IS God in All My Creations!

The Beginning

‘I Am’ blessed with this Vision. ‘I Am’ blessed because Father and Mother God know who ‘I Am’, and they love me for Whom ‘I Am’.  And I don’t need to worry how this apparently impossible task will ever come into manifestation. My Beloved Father and Mother know I CAN do it, I WILL do it with dedication and steadfastness.

Joseph Benner, The Impersonal Life:

“As you more and more realize this, will the true meaning and use of the things, conditions and experiences I send be revealed unto you. For you will then begin to glimpse My Idea within, and when you glimpse that Idea will you begin to know Me, your own Real Self.”


Gee, what did I see inside my mind? Relax on bed on morning of 12th  April 2021, I saw this property which I just visited with my husband a few days ago. Out of the blue, I was there, older, much older, but happy and serene. Oh, I wasn’t alone, wasn’t with my ‘Family’ neither! There were so many children running around. What are they doing here, and I didn’t seems to mind. No, actually I was enjoying their happiness, their laughing sounds…..

Such a simple vision, yet it is not the vision that caught me unprepared! I was overwhelmed with such Emotion, Serenity, Peace, Joy, and Love that I have NEVER NEVER EVER felt in my Live!

Yet, if someone explained all details to me of what ‘I Am’ doing today, I might back down!!!!!

Today, I have better understanding why ‘I Am’ here in Florence, Italy.

Today, I have better understanding what ‘I Am’ here to DO.

‘I Am’ here to provide a SERVICE!

Service is all that is.

Through Service we Change our World.

Through Service we Connect with our World.

Through Service we Find our Freedom.

And Through Service, WE Become ONE!

By constantly doing Ajna Centre Breathing meditation since October 2021, the last 5 minutes contemplation of: STABILITY, STRENGTH, SERENITY, SERVICE, has opened up my thinking,  little step each day, each word per week,  and one day  this is what came to me:


The ultimate Purpose of our existence is Service, service for the Greatest Good of all.

In order to be able to render our Service to the Bigger Whole, not to ourselves, not to our personal gain or benefit, not to only our families and our immediate world, but with the Cosmic principal in mind to Do Good for All.

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This Strength is the WATER, flowing in the rivers, sea, and inside our bodies.

This Strength is the WIND, flow through the sky, flying seeds to be impregnated for the NEW AGE.

This Strength is the AIR. The Air we breath.  First Breathe we take come into our physical Beings. Last Breathe we give back to the Universe passing to the other side of the veil.

This Strength is EARTH. The root of our Being, the ground that we walk, share and meet with ALL.


more details here….

I joined the Transmission Flame Activities at the beginning of this year 2022,  and Lady Pallas Athena said that:

 certain life streams have been ‘kept under close observation’ by the Spiritual Silent Watchers who may potentially become the Guardians of The Transmission Flames. Time has seen to the Flame of Devotion that has Ignited the Spirit to God Maturity into the final stages for Full Manifestation. “

“Dear Souls, you who are reading this, the ‘Reality Check’ is that you are the ones that have been ‘kept under close observation’ as the Guardians of these New Radiation Centres, The New Radiation Temples of Pyramidal Light that are what The Mahan Chohan, Lord Maitreya and indeed all those whom have become the Elemental Grace Alliance Council, all began over 50 years ago. Not even Peter knew of this Plan. That is why I said this is not a human plan, it is a Divine Plan! Do you see Dear Ones, that is the ‘Reality Check’ so that you may make your next choice. The Templates for these New Radiation Centres are IN PLACE and in God’s Hands through Loyal, Enthusiastic, Loving, Constant, Pure And Consecrated Persons as the Guardians of this Divine Plan.”

There you go, another way to explain that it is not up to us to worry what come next, just keep on walking and going, and  trusting  that we are being lead. Everything that is needed is provided, no matter it is knowledge, ability, or materialistic matters.

This Book  is my new approach in preparing the Petition. It is not all about the Property in question, yes it is, but not all, the Material part but only a tiny part. Now I understand what God is asking me. To be the Spiritual Self of my ‘I Am’ Presence. To see it with the eyes of God, where He/She can bring forth the Love they have to these New Children, where the Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts and many other will be able to walk among us unascended Human, together once again in a Peaceful Heaven/Erthe, where respect to all Kingdoms is a Reality, not long lost memories.

It is not ‘Prove” that our Mother/Father is asking me. It is the expression of Love, the commitment, and my understanding of this endeavor, the difficulties that I may face. Do I have the Faith in my ‘I Am’ Presence to carry out this Plan!?

What a Journey this is, and ‘I Am’ only touching the very beginning!

Oh Mother, Father Life, ‘I Am’ here, ‘I Am’ to surrender completely, wholeheartedly to your guidance. Faith is all that is, and Faith it is.

And to quote Sue consultation again:

Because you have these 5 planets energy, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun in Libra. Just before that Pluto at 26* of Vergo  in the 12 house, conjunct with the South Node point. The South Node point is the consciousness, the Karma that comes  in this life time. You come into this lifetime to bring it into manifestation, to the North Node, your direction in this lifetime.

The Property

I have been to this property only 5 times in the last 15 years, which 3 times in this year since the Vision. Every time my feeling getting ever stronger. Maybe I can express better with photos. It has been quite awhile that through the camera lens, I see details / messages where human eyes can’t detect!

more details here…

What Beloved ST GERMAIN says regarding Maltese Cross:

The Symbol of the Maltese Cross is Perfect Balance of the God Flame, as in Heaven so on Earth, it provides a thought and energy matrix whereby the ill effects of personal and Planetary karma can be brought under the control and the Power of the Divine Virtues released in Their Place, and mankind’s Perfect Use of these Powers might no longer corrupt life upon Earth.

more details here…

I cannot bring myself to reduce any of these words, all is planted inside my heart.

I don’t have other materialistic details, I don’t know how much money (only an estimation), how long, who would come to co-create this place with me, and what more are needed to bring this property into manifestation. And sincerely, ‘I Am’ not worry. I have never been so Calm and Trustful in all my life. Everything I need to know will be shown to me in time and space.

More photos and possible arrangement of the property is shown in next section.

To conclude, I borrow once again from Beloved St Germain, my deep gratitude to your generosity, love and support, Beloved ‘I Am’.

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Almighty Creator, You Are Our Life Force Energy, Our Divine Source of Love, Wisdom and Power, Whose Three-Fold Flame Illumines Our Mind, Strengthens Our Resolve and Enlivens Our Hearts. We Are Open to Change For the Benefit of Ourselves and For the Good of the Whole. We Lovingly Embrace the Truth of Who We Truly Are As Light. We Are So Grateful For the Unconditional Love and Assistance We Are Given as We Unfold Into the Knowledge That We Are Here To Create Through Divine Alchemy So We May Better Fulfil Our Service to Ourselves and Humanity. We Surrender the Divine Plans for Our Individual Lives and Group Life On the Sacred Altar of Light, In Our Inner Temple so That All Life May Be Perfectly Energized By the Radiations of Divine Will.

Beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of Life in Us—Expand Thou through  Us and do Thy Cosmic Work!  (3 times)

Beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of Life in  Us—ARISE!  Illumine everything to  Us by the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Teach  Us the Ascended Master Truth concerning All!   (3 times)

Beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of life IN  Us—ARISE!  COMPEL Our bodies, minds and world into Perfect Divine Order through Divine Love, today and forever! (3 times)

The Unfed Flame goes before Us and makes Easy, Instant and Perfect Our Way.  The Unfed Flame Stands Around  Us and Protects Us by Light.  The Unfed Flame is ALIVE Within Us.  It is a Magnet Drawing into Our Beingness, world and Governing Power, anything and everything that We require for use in the Service of the Light.  The Unfed Flame is ALIVE Within  Us. There is no other power that can act.  Through the Power of the Unfed Flame that is ALIVE within Us, ‘I AM’ ONE with the Consciousness, Fully-Gathered Momentum of the Sacred Fire, and the Feelings of the Great Central Sun, the Physical Sun, and Every Ascended Master, Angel Deva, Seraphim and Cherubim and Elemental in the Universe. ‘I AM’ THAT ‘I ‘AM’! (X 3)