Sponsorship closure


Beloved Family of Light,

Under last night Full Moon Activations influences, with clear mind and open heart. I would like to extend my gratitude, deep gratitude to all of you whom have taken your time to express your support in the VESTA SUN LIGHT RADIATION CENTRE PETITION.

You warm my heart and sending me strength. Many of you have also reach out privately to extent our soul connection. I have truly received immeasurable gifts from each of you. Deep bow.

With this, I am closing the collection of unAscended Sponsorship on 31st March 2022. So I will update with your names in the Petition and present it to the Karmic Board on 16th April 2022 under the Pink Full Moon.

In love we share

List of unAscended Masters Sponsorship

Peter MelchizedekSue MartinMichael McKinney
AdellaPriya  AkalBhakti Desai
Castley SierociukChristina SpencerKandra Martinez
Jeannette DiGesuMary Josephine RiddleNala Joy
Natasha McFallingPatrice RohmerSohini Shukla
Magda SaltzmanAnandhaMichelle Tillman
Jonathan GunnJane JonesTina Greer
Angela CarringtonM IONUTMarcia Mariscal
MistyMonique GoldmanMarji
Lisa MuNultyAlphonsus NtekopYasmin Hakima
Elizabeth KariukiJohn RozmanPatricia Helena
Beau TaylorLeen FrancisCeeDee
Ken HazlinAnna Marie OlsonJane Richardson
JyotiDejan Posavec

I Am truly grateful to all the Brothers and Sisters above, who have shown such Support, Encouragement, Love and Light. Each has given immense gifts, some with their personal experiences, some with their prayers. What is most important, I believe in this process, we have established a SOUL CONNECTION between us, that bind us together, to see the New Future. No longer a vague future that might never come, but something that we can put our hands on, with INTENTION and FOCUS, we can CREATE the Reality that inspire us.

From dear Sister Jane Richardson, who has given just such example, and that is her sharing below:

Dearest Akata,

Blessings to you for your Radiant Light.

Thank you for taking me on a journey of your Love In Action. When I pressed the button to play the Lotus, my heart center overflowed with gratitude for I had heard of this instrumental and I’ve always felt I’m sitting with Beloved Kuan Shi Yin by a waterfall when it plays.

I would like to share a story if you would so kind to read?

Around 1960 Tao was frowned upon and no more than 5 people could attend a Tao Centre this was decreed from The Taiwanese Government.  It was reported to a Government Agency that a Tao Center had gatherings of more than 5 people and frequently. This meant permanent closure for this Tao Centre.  The person who received the report in the agency was a Tao Cultivator. He went and saw A Tao Forerunner Shi Mu and told her that a Centre will be closed permanently. Shi Mu’s was so burdened by that news. Shi Mu was quite elderly and had arthritis that night with the  scent of incense, she knelt and did 10,000 Kou Sho. (I have done 3,300 Kou Sho and it is not an easy physical movement pray to do) While doing the Kou Sho she was asking Maitreya and All Buddha for forgiveness for All Human Beings and she would carry the Karma. Divine Beings said to her, “It is the responsibility of all Human Beings” Shi Mu replied” Please, let me carry this burden for the Tao Centre must stay open for the teaching and the  propagation of Tao” Through her Perseverance, Sincere Heart and Love In Action that letter did not make it to where it was meant to go. Tao Centre remains open.

There are many more stories like this, but this story came forward in my memory while journeying through your website.

Keep your Cause Beloved Sister and The Vesta Sun Light Radiation Center WILL manifest.

I Loving give whatever it is you require.

Always In All Ways