UnAscended Sponsorship

I am a Seeker of Truth

I am Observation of what is

And I will Leave No Stone Unturned to Accept My Home Coming

Seek Only that Which Is Unseen

That Gift that I Am to All of Life

Well, dear Brothers and Sisters, this version that you are reading is the Version in which I will present to the Karmic Broad. While from the other side of the veil, I have been most blessed to received Sponsorship from Beloved Mother Mary, Mother Vesta, Kuan Yin, Lady Pallas Athena, St Germain Djwhal Khul, Archangel St. Michael, and Lord Melchizedek, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Dear Peter, has been so tirelessly  guiding and with much much patience giving me new input and insight. It is hard to give direction without giving direction (If this ever make sense!!!). As there is no One Direction, One Answer, or One Way for any of us to shift our consciousness, to seek that Light, that Voice inside us. The stones are cast, will I turn it, or walk around it?

The other members of the EGA, who might not be directly involved with this Petition, please allow me to express my immense gratitude to each and every one of you. Your messages and words of wisdom in the Forum have  so much impact, no amount of replies or thousand of thumb up can equal to your Love and Light.

And to you, my dearest Brothers and Sisters, with whom we have started the Rules Study together, I have so much love for all of you, ALL OF YOU!

The Path is mine to walk, and ‘I Am’ not ALONE!

Correspondence with Peter for Final Version


Dearest Sister,

I have now reviewed your book and Petition in full and I am so pleased for you!  One of the things that few New World Light Workers has Realized yet is to find deeper and more expansive Growth and development within their own Life Experiences is the Cosmic Law applying oneself to the task and activities they desire to Create as well as in your own words how they can be be helpful to life!

Having sort of been part of this Journey with you I have seen such a Growth in your own Knowing of yourself, that Self Realization from when we first spoke.  For that I am so Honored to have been part of this with you!.

So I am sensing that this sharing within the EGA Forum to seek further EGA Membership Support with your Divine Plan why not start a new Topic within the Category called Radiation Centres.  We will set up a Sub-Catagory called Individualized Radiation Centres, which will be for any EGA Member wishing to do the same as you with your own Divine Path to Create your own Unique Parcel of Land that while not the same design as the EGA 12 Reshell Grid Radiational Pyramindal Centres will just the same be Equally connected within more local structures of its members who may not be able to join the Bigger Properties!

These smaller Communities will all have their own Divine Purpose and thus will have the Full Surpport of the Main Bodies of the EGA!

If this is acceptable to you, then let me know and I will make the arrangements with the EGA Admin!

I must say however I agree with Archangel Angel Michael, your next step will be outline in more details the Mission and designed Purpose as to the Activities you foreseen for this Property.

I am also feeling that there may be more revealed for you as to this Divine Application that will help you once you have reviewed a New Petition just finished that will be placed upon the Forum in a few days times.

This is yet another perspective that has the potential to speed up your Plans!

Look out for the new Topic called Resetting Christ Time Upon Earth.

If I may be of any further help, please let me know!

In Love and Blessings


Dear Peter,

I have to read twice before accepting that I have finally arrived with the Final Version! I cannot express enough the value of  your contribution and guidance during the whole process dear Peter. Truth been told, sometimes I was a bit upset: why never perfect, why more things to ponder upon, why more books and discourses to read…. I still have to eat, sleep and take care of my family!!!

Yet, it is all the intellectual and spiritual challenges that are necessary to ‘PUSH’ me forward, to dig deep, and deeper still inside/within ME. If we consider our first correspondence was in mid July, it is a long way to arrive with this final version. And in this whole process, ‘I Am’ so blessed with the Love and Light from the EGA and from the other side of the Veil.

Of course we could start a new topic in the forum, I would prefer you start the thread first, you could certainly explain better how this Radiation Center in Italy fit into the Broader Aspect of the EGA. I can always jump in later. Now that the Website is online, they are free to visit as wish.

At the same time, what we are doing with the EGA website and News letter….and so on could be a format to get new ideas on how to proceed from here. Yet I have a feeling that we can discuss in infinity, and have more and more details, but we are still too much of 3D paradigm to understand how a Radiation Centre in its’ Divine Plan could/should work out. You see, I am very much into this ‘Flow’ State: what should be reveal will be revealed in time and space. I don’t think the Karmic Broad want detailed Plan, what will be needed, will be done! Part of the reason why ‘I Am’ being chosen for this vision, I am flexible, and at the same time efficient!

As a matter of fact, it is no coincidence that I am doing the ‘Light Program’ started on the same period that I am writing this book. When everyone from the other side says:” you will understand more……” More is shown when ‘I Am’ ready for the next stage! After all, I had done it some 2000 years ago, now to bring it into the Final Manifestation.

Gee, this ‘I Am’ Presence can keep on writing forever, but I stop here!

My deep gratitude again.


Akata’s request to the Family of EGA members




Dear Family of Light and all Beloveds in the EGA,

With this short prayer, I am opening up a new topic in this Forum for the Radiation Centre in Italy, which is called: VESTA SUN LIGHT RADIATION CENTRE, with joy, this name is approved and blessed by our beloved Mother Vesta.

Regardless if you may remember or not last year in our 14 Rules study group, this topic of a possible Radiation Centre in Italy was raised, then gone quiet until now.

So now I am taking this opportunity to present this topic to you and give you a short (as short as I can) summary how this event unfold up to date.

Dear Family, since many of us joined the Rule study in May last year, much has unfolded for me, and we are truly walking this Path together, hand in hand, with much blessing and assistance from the EGA members.

I have started to engage this topic with Peter in private since July last year, true to his word, he has given all possible assistance that I need with much love and lots of patient.

In the meantime, 3 petitions have been written. As you can imagine without much success.

The reason is very simple: I was still writing with the old paradigm’s mind. I was still very much Genevieve in the 3D world, instead of Akata who has connected with her ‘I Am’ Presence.

And this connection with my ‘I Am’ Presence, was only become evidence, or better, that I have finally found the courage to make this step forward, was started in the last 4 days of the 14 Rules, then followed by Boot Camp of ‘I Am’ Authority/Freedom.

This bring us to around the end of year, where I/we started to attend classes in the Royal Teton Retreat. I have written a personal Petition to the Karmic Board asking  to activate my Divine Blueprint, my cellular DNA and Atom and every opportunity and means to acquire all necessary wisdom and knowledge for me to accomplish my Divine Plan.

Strange as it may seems, the idea to rewrite the Petition in a form of ‘Book’ came to me almost immediately after. And here we are, I have written a Book divided into 2 parts: my personal journey within this Divine Plan, and the actual Petition of the Radiation Centre in Italy. During the whole process, my ‘I Am’ Presence was/is my only companion, no one to tell, no one to ask. This was a process that I needed to affront within the silence. Not even Peter knew about it.

By the way, this Radiation Centre is a physical place already existed. I am NOT the owner of this property, but in this vision that I have in Aprile last year was in this property.

The vision that I have is very simply, just me seeing many children playing around in this place.

You know what take hold of me?

It was the atmosphere, the joy, the love, the laughter, the Sun, the peace that caught me by surprise. I have never felt so much love and peace in my life, dear friends. That is the only reason, the only drive that push me upward and forward. I desire to reach that place of Peace and Love.


All this information you can read in the website, on Home page  https://becominglotus.org/, you will find the PDF versions for download. Or you can simply read on the web-site.

How would this project encompass within the overall Narayana Radiation Centre? I have no idea. This could be one of the many that will spring up around the world as Lady Pallas Athena has indicated. Each with their own characteristic. We are in Italy, as big as it could become, would certainly in no comparison with what the EGA is searching in America. All I know is I am seeing Brother Djwhal Khul sitting comfortably in the garden…. The rest of the details will come with time and space.

The true Purpose of this post is to reach out to you, all of you my friends, for your sponsorship. The fact is I have only obtained the sponsorship from Beloved Chohans Kuan Yin, lady Pallas Athena, St. Germain, Djwhal Khul and Lord Melchizedek the night I finished type up the final Petition. So I would suppose they were there watching over the progress, and came when they were content with what I have prepared.

‘I Am’ here asking you, if you feel align with this endeavor that I am undertaking, if you would like to be a part of it (either physically, mentally or spiritually), to show your loving support and encouragement. I would like you to write a few sentences here under to express clearly, you would be here and there, walking together with me always, in All WAY. From your reply, I will add your name under the Unascended Sponsorship Page.

If you have any inquiry, or clarifications needed, either here or you would prefer to contact me in private, this is my email: akatasunlight@prontonmail.com , I will do my best to reply.

I leave you with an excerpt of Joseph Benner, The Impersonal Life:

“As you more and more realize this, will the true meaning and use of the things, conditions and experiences I send be revealed unto you. For you will then begin to glimpse My Idea within, and when you glimpse that Idea will you begin to know Me, your own Real Self.

And so it is.

In love we share