Tradition Astrology Reading

~ Using Astrology in Every Aspect of your Life ~

We are ONE, and we all come from the Source/God/Void, as Souls, we are interconnected within the greater aspect of the Universe. Yet we come into this life embodiments with our specific Blueprints.


With this Traditional Astrology reading, we will look into your Natal Chart, with astrological details. Very often, while I am looking at charts, I also receive intuition informations from the Above if there is any particular messages that is meant for you.

New Modality offer – Natal Chart Reading Zoom only session:

Due to time sensitive, and waiting period, I have pondered upon that a new way to offer my service in Natal Chart Reading.
As I truly believe that the one-to-one zoom session is the best way to bring forward Divine messages, energy exchange, and healing. I would love to continue sharing this experience with as many as possible.
Therefore, this is my new modality, hopefully many more of you can join me and much looking forward to meet you all.
  • With your birth details, your Natal chart will be studied in advance, including and not limited to: Past Life Karma, Future Direction, and Major Transits.
  • A Zoom meeting will be arranged for the duration from 40 minutes.
  • The zoom recording will be sent to you, together with the presentation during meeting.
  • No written report.

Written report and 1 hour zoom meeting.

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Reports are available in English, Italiano, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 , Simplified Chinese 简体中文

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