The Release of Primo Cell of Planetary and Human Karmic Memory

New Moon 01-02-2022


Here on Earth all healing requires grounding within the Earth Dimension and this means by human beings themselves! This is the Plan, the Goal, The Purpose of Our Existence Here. So, to have a Group of Dedicated Souls, of High Levels of Vibrational Frequencies and Light Quotients, Committed to this Love, Light and Life in Action in the flesh so to speak, Who shall dedicate Their Love, Wisdom and Power to Over Light those wishing to undertake such Initiations, Alignments and Re-calibrations can only amplify and intensify the overall average of what Beloved Lady Nada is implying in Her Discourse:

the result of any activation and its levels of completion and effectiveness. One is only ever going to release, activate or heal in accordance to their own Vibrational Frequency and Light Quotient. So know that any activation can only be as effective as these things. (Lady Nada page 576 in the EGA Book).

During the whole Light Programme, we have the possibilities to write in private to either Michael or Anandha according to the Group division. This give me great pleasure to be with Brother Michael and to have the privacy to express in a more personal way. So here under, are the sequences of our correspondence either in forum or email, divided into different Light Programme.


Beloveds All,

Hello and Welcome to this adventure we are to share as One, my thought here is that having this email address now handy, any questions that come to mind will be at ease to send along for a response..

We are all so very happy to be engage in this Movement that all have been guided to partake in – for my experience first going through these Light Program Attunements, the actual excitement was hard for me to contain, finding myself needing to find that Center Point within my Bodies, this did finally come to a Center and has maintained now, as we are all unique, each will find this in their way…

These Light Program Attunements now going through, as Anandha has pointed to within these earlier communications, all will go through at their individualized pace, as each has their own life schedules they are also maintaining – Just Relax, have Fun with this Process and Know that Your Presence is the Guide within you at all times, ask for the aid and it will come through

28-01-2022 Michael


As the Cast of Thousands are gathering to be in Alignment with you all for this your First Attunement within the Light Program, We can assure you all that you are being Supported by Many of Our Masters Ascended and unAscended, throughout all the Circles within the EGA/SOEPC/AshramSynth, we will all gather for this, one of the most momentous, Magnificent moments for all, going through these Attunements.  ‘We’ have all been waiting for this to occur in this Space/Time.. [think outside the box]

As I was setting the Intentions as to this Process, from within my Chamber of Creation asking for the signs about the New Erthe and Our way forward – I was drawn to; As observing the Cosmos  to the South; 35 degrees above the horizon, 30 minutes before the Sunrises this early morning, the Visual of the Moon as a Crescent and Venus as bright as a glimmering Diamond, both lit up in a black velvet sky a most Magnificent view forming a tight triangle with Erthe, was to observe such a magical triangulation, It always feels like being drawn into the outside to observe such cosmic and planetary dances as being shown that this is the time; my question to the Cosmos was in regards to this Gathering – then only moments later as the Sun is still not up over the horizon in this time of the year we see this to the East Southeast, now behind me to the West over the Pacific Ocean, in the far Distance the clouds or fog bank is Glowing with a Violet to Magenta Color Mass… Indeed the Answer has been returned!


30-01-2022 Akata

Dearest Brother Michael,

Your message is simply beautiful, much appreciated. This light program and the Release Primal Cell meditation is right on time. I don’t know if it is the right way to do it, I have been using it for quite awhile now, everyday.

I suffer very badly skin allergy, now I understand it is not only problem from this life but also from past lives. That’s why I have send you an invitation to visit my website (which I have prepared for the Petition of Italy Radiation Centre).  Even though you can download the PDF files, maybe you would only interested under sections: Remember I Am, and Eagle and Dove, where you can understand better why I have this health issue. In the past weeks, I am literally broken down both physically and psychologically. I have been fasting and searching a way to heal myself ( I am a Reiki Master, I heal the others but not myself!!!)

In responding of this Primal Cell meditation, I have written the following:

I Need Help!

side of right eye.

31-01-2022 Michael


As you know, you are not alone with this, what you are calling suffering, within many cultures there are many words that are use to describe this process you are working through, as you have discovered some of the causes of this already; know that all needs to be Balanced out before the final Return Home…

I am looking forward to reading your blog.

In reading your invocational work and the Benedictions process you have created here, these are good; if your earthly time allows for other creative endeavors, I would suggest a consideration of the ‘INVOCATIONS 2 Exoteric World Needs  INVCOL2’, where your talents can flourish and contribute to the work within that Circle – just a seed though dropped into your fertile soil…  

The Subtleties with Life that you have described regarding the Crystal on my window was being moved! This is, when noticed and given power by the words, does make us a better Vessel!

Bless you, Akata Sun Light


Dear Brother,

I am so glad that for this Light Program, we have this possibility in private communication. Otherwise, I would have followed through without saying anything!

Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, I know full well that I am not ALONE, in this journey. For being a highly non spiritual person just a few months ago, even in this short time, I can see clearly how my path is leading me into the EGA embrace. And you my Brother, there is no coincidence that I am within your group. Just a day earlier then the lists were posted by Anandha,” by chance” I have found your comment on Amazon for the book: Life in Our solar system by Nada Yolanda! Imagine that, I really laugh out loud!

You may found the website a bit more difficult to read, just to let you know that at the end of Home page, you can download the PDF files. Event though, I am still in the process of editing, and some other topics to be added, but you have more then 90% there already.

I will ponder upon the suggestion of Invocation group, as I really do not consider myself good at it! And of course, as you well know, I have paw on many fields  within the EGA, not telling you what I am intending to study, once I have finished this Petition Book!

Dear Michael, deep gratitude.

01-02-2022 Akata

Dear Akata, @akatasunlight

Beloveds All,

These few days that I have had the true honor to work in such a close quarters with you All, I have come to find that All here have very Unique Traits, and to know why our Beloved Saint Germain has lead you all into this Light of His Ashram gives me a true pleasure to be within this gathering, knowing that all here will one day soon show the Truth of what our Brother Jesus has said regarding Talents and Abilities .. as I am writing this the impression to share a small passage from one book that I just keep reading, use your intuitive sense into these words, Beloved Sister Akata, the answer to you question lies here within these words:

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

A message of Wisdom and Love, Claire Heartsong

Chapter 19, page 122. Anna is speaking

“I shall say further that I am here with you. The very purpose of my coming long ago is the purpose of my being here in this present moment. You need not think that I am distant in time or space, or that what occurred 2,000 years ago has no relevance for your day. You are currently in the process of rewiring you past history. Indeed, some of you have come back from the future for precisely this purpose.

I am Anna of Carmel, returned to bear witness to the birth of the Christ in you. I am here to receive you, just as I received the Anointed One 2,000 years ago! As I bring you a chronology of events and the stories of familiar characters you have studied, know that it is the transmission of transformational frequencies that is more important than the words through which they come. Once you can hear beyond the words, you may remember who you really are and step forward to fulfil your mission by playing your part in this grand drama of planetary ascension that we are co-creating together.”

03-02-2022 Akata

Dear Brother Michael,

Before starting the next light program of Lord Melchizedek, I feel the need to close the first chapter.

When you reply in the forum regarding my question, and you have quoted Grandmother Anna, much were behind those words. Believe it or not, I have highlighted the same message too, while reading it!

On the day of 1st February, during the same Primal cell meditation, I did feel high energy and vibration right through my body, especially from the bottom of my feet, energies going up, up…. Around the end of the meditation, I knew I was going to write, as I was feeling vibration on my index finger….

Then Lady Pallas Athena was presented:

Lady Pallas Athena Transmission

Activity, visibly manifested in my experience.’


You can’t extinguish a ‘Fire’ that is already Burning! Set Right Intention!


Beloved Sister Akata,

YES, I do believe that you would have read that same passage; just as I every morning great the Sun in Its’ Rise for many many months, this has been my custom – there are No Coincidences at the Levels that we are all on and moving even Higher…

The Communication from Lady Pallas Athena, indeed I sense this is good advise – when you are ready to take this Petition to the Karmic Board, you have Many Brothers and Sisters Here within the EGA that will most differently stand with you and engage with you, of this I Am certain – your Presence within this Community of Like Minded Family Members, be it Essene or from any other embodiment where we have worked before in, your standing has always been that of a dynamic contribution…

From the previous Attunements that were my own, these were all Highly Changed and the changes were all .. impressive (?) not the best word here – but from these Attunements everything changed moving forward – for me.. the true realization of the personal God Plan came quite clear, having stayed the course in true form to the EGA Divine Plan and that which was my own was a Dove Tail of the EGA – that is the my mission in this Embodiment.