The Pallas Athena Investment of Energies

The Opening of the Seventh Seal and Receive the 12 Ray Initiation Activation

The Cosmic Grant ‘By The Cosmic Law Of More Than Ordinary Release Of Instructions Into The Combined Force Field, 

The Official Acceptance of The Cosmic Laws to Take Possession of The Atmosphere of Earth Becoming The Authority of What Is to Act Out Here, 

The Master Rakocsy 1000-Fold Grant Dispensation

Full Moon 16-04-2022


Beloved Family of Light,

As the energies of the new moon loosens its influence, we move into preparations for the sixth and the seventh Activations. As your resonances and light quotients expand, the Activations continue to fast-track this growth by working in sets of congruent Attunements. Due to doubling up on the energetic potentials, there is a bit of reading to do to prepare for the full moon of April 16th or 17th.


Beloved Brother Michael, 

Here I am again, to our 6th and 7th Activations. As you have well known, the Light Program has been the Guiding light in my endeavour. I don’t know why I chose this Full Moon to present my Petition, but this just fit in completely with these Activations, with the Transmission of Flame Service this month, all inter-connected so nicely together.  

Just to add more oil into the fire, I have also completed the 7 Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd. I brought this book quite sometime ago, but couldn’t go pass the first few pages. Looky, looky, now it flow in perfectly. Isn’t it a confirmation, we are being guided to do what we are ready, not what we wanted with our EGO? 

To prepare myself, I have started with the Liquid Fasting from Monday till Friday. Little did I know I wouldn’t  go through it as I was thinking. Here under you see why!!! 

The Holy Land Retreat


Dearest Michael, I have also a Transmission with Kuan Yin and Lady Pallas Athena during the week, but I would not bore you here. One sentence from Lady Pallas Athena literally sum up everything: 

“With Kuan Yin and Myself in the Karmic Broad, What more can you ask, Dear?” 

So I will stop here, and have a fantastic weekend, Easter dear Brother. 

Sister Akata,

A delightful journey you bring for this Activation; these verbal expressions are a joy to be within as I read your descriptive words; we are all Blessed by this Journey!



Kuan Yin Transmission

Lady Pallas Athena Transmission

“it is 1:00 am on 08/04/2022. now I am calm enough to sleep. Deep gratitude to both of you Beloved Kuan Yin and Pallas Athena. Deep gratitude. Akata”