Night Dream


I was at a school environment, we students were being asked to do a research or assignment. As usual, I did what was right accordingly to my conscious, always trying to find a better way in understanding and implementation. Many times this was appreciated, and often times not well received.

This time, my teacher/professor was not too please, pointing out that I was not following the guidance given. He was trying to get me kick out from school.

I don’t know how and why, instead of school broad of directors, it became a court room. Everyone was in cohort in putting me in jail. And jail I went. I was thinking to myself, I am not doing anything wrong, but be ME, if this was the price to pay, I would pay it all over again.

Once there in jail, as a new comer, some other girls were trying to attack me. But it seems that a ball of light or sphere was around me.  Maybe I moved my arms, somehow those girls went flying in all directions.   They couldn’t get close, and I wasn’t afraid for one bit.

Then  I saw myself sitting in the Lotus position, and in mid-air. I was so totally serene, even the anguish feeling during the first part was gone, I didn’t felt it any longer.

When I woke up, I felt very light, and keep this tranquility with me.

I don’t know how to interpret dreams, but a Beloved Sister told me that the part of ball and sending the other flying, was perfect explanation that I Am fully aligned with my ‘I Am’ Presence, and using the Fire Light to send the Negative pressure away.

After two weeks of non activities, a short period to detach myself from the ending of the Light Program. I think this DREAM is perfect call to start a new stage in my Path. I sincerely hope this peacefulness will stay with me, will be my companion in this new adventure into the Light Language.