Book 2 – Building Bridges of the Heart

Work in Progress

Mother Father Life, You are my Life.

This sentence has never sound so TRUE AND REAL.  In this Matter, Material, yet Illusion World, we face Love, Joy, Pain, Obstacles, Hardship, Beauty every days. Sometimes it can be so hard to believe that it is not real, we are only here to have the necessary experiences to Ascend back HOME to YOU.

Just now my son,  has given me the most precious Gift – a hearty HUG. That he may finally come to term with  the Separation between my husband and I. A situation where we all lose, no winner. Is it the necessary step for me? I do not know! I can only put my FAITH, trusting that all is well, all has a reason. The pain that I feel inside, strange as it may seem, can also be Beautiful, this Human Pain!!!

During the process of writing the first  book: BECOMING LOTUS – The Way to Freedom, I have pushed myself beyond all ‘Comfort Zone’. When we are taking up the courage to face our Past, our Fear, the shadow will not just go away so easily, so readily. it will take up the fight to maintain it’s power over us. Now I am personally feeling the burn of past fear, and going through the long process of healing, and alas, we are starting the Light Programme within the loving arms of the Elemental Grace Alliance. Divine Order is in play here, the first program is the Release of Primo Cell of Planetary and Human Karmic Memory, right at the moment that I suffered the most.

During the whole program which consisted of Eight Activations, I have been guided through a serious of Shifts of Consciousness that is hard for my Human Mind to accept. Not understanding fully the profound opportunities being presented to us, I walked through the process with the complete TRUST that what should happen will happen, just Flow with it, down the River, out into the vastness of the Open Sea.

Now  we have completed the whole process under the Black New Moon with a partial solar eclipse on the 30th April 2022. Such a special DAY to ask for the Investment of Energies from Mother Vesta.

In this few months, the idea that I should put my Focal point in Learning or Recalling the knowledge of the LIGHT LANGUAGE, has become so clear. Joining many DOTS, now I DO see the reasons of this lifetime embodiment.  Walk with me, in search of this ANCIENT/FUTURISTIC  LANGUAGE.

Gradually, I Am being given more clues that the establishment of the Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre is not the end game. It is only the first Stone to be thrown, the Seed to be planted, the Bridge to connect us between the Old Paradigm to the New Erthe. I see there is more I can give, and the possibility in Light Language is one of them that I Am being lead into.

One day, there should be no more different languages between Nations, Tribes, Races….

One day, we shall recall this ability in communication through Telepathy, with our Mind and Heart work closely TOGETHER.

This LIGHT LANGUAGE, is inside each one of us, now with the Ascension together with our Mother Gaia, we shall re-discover, re-acquire this ability.

Is there anything more beautify than that?