Ajna Centre Breathing Meditation

Suggested by Jeannette from  page 220 Discipleship New Age. As you learn to shift the force of your Soul from below the diaphragm to the higher centers (which is a problem with disciples in training) your physical condition will be alleviated.  One of the first things you will need to do is close the solar plexusContinue reading “Ajna Centre Breathing Meditation”

2022 New Year Prayer

Today 1st January, 2022, my Prayer to Mother and Father God. 01-01-2022 Prayer Beloved Mother/Father God, hear me. Today is the first day of the year, this is the first year I consciously acknowledge my relationship with you as the Daughter of the Sun. Last year, I have been given this tremendous opportunity by you toContinue reading “2022 New Year Prayer”

Father – Mother Life

You are my life, my constant support, my health, my protection ,y perfect fulfillment of every need and my highest inspiration. I ask you to reveal the true Reality of Yourself to me. I know it is your Will that I shall be fully illumined that I may better receive awareness of Your Presence withinContinue reading “Father – Mother Life”

Petition to the Lords of Karma

I have written a Petition to the Teton Retreat Karmic Board: Beloved Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma, ‘I Am’ Akata Sun Light, born Cheung Yin Chie, became Genevieve. Tonight, with the blessing of our Mother and Father God, ‘I Am’ sending you the Petition of the end of year 2021. This year ‘I Am’Continue reading “Petition to the Lords of Karma”

Easter Mood – Rudolf Steiner

When the Sun speaks to human sense From cosmic widths of space, And from depths of soul Joy unites with light in seeing— Then, from sheaths of selfhood, Thoughts move out to the ends of space, Obscurely binding Human essence to spirit’s being. WHEN THE BEGINNING of spring touches the week of Easter, the lightContinue reading “Easter Mood – Rudolf Steiner”