Swallow Sky

Book 3 – Transmission’s Poetry

Work in Progress

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This Book is about listening to our Inner Voice, our ‘I Am’ Presence. So much Beauty in our word, catching each special moment and letting it guide us, flow with it.


Saturday night Cat Hunting night,

There comes the cry of injured prey.

I refuse to die – she says.

Little birdies waiting nest-o-nest.

Today is not my day.

A Mother rescues Little Mother Bird.

Home we go, you are safe!

Inspiration came the way.

We are writing songs of songs,

Songs from Above, Songs from Below.

My mind is with nest-o-Birdies,

Home I must go, can’t stay away.

Try I must, Fly I will.

Little afraid, flying away.

Thank you so much,

So very kind.

I know your window, send you goodnight.

The Ring of Gaia, Gene Key 60th.

Justice is your Life’s Purpose.

Don’t be surprised to see WE FLY.

10 July 2022